Labor Pains 2009

This is a made for TV movie with an all star comedic cast starring Lindsay Lohan, Chris Parnell, Luke Kirby, Cheryl Hines, and Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz.

Lindsay Lohan stars has Thea who is the legal guardian to her 17 year old sister after her the death of her parents. Thea is  a assistant intern to a book editing company.   She answers to her boss Jerry (Parnell) who treats her like dirt. Jerry most prized possession is his dog. That is Thea main responsibility is taking care of his dog and she hates it very much, she is on the verge of getting fired so when Jerry’s dog gets sick on Thea’s watch Jerry has had about enough of Thea’s irresponsibility and decides to fire her. But Thea needs her job to support her sister so she blurts out this lie that she is pregnant because you cant fire a pregnant woman by law.

With this lie Thea gets wrapped up in all the pains in what it really means to be a pregnant woman. Jerry is away while his dog is being tended to. The new guy Nick (Kirby) becomes very interested in Thea and wants to get to know more about her. Thea does everything possible to make everyone in her office believe that she is really pregnant from stealing baby belly’s at the maternity store to taking prenatal vitamins as well as going to lamaze classes with her partner but Nick ends up going in his place. With that a spark ignites between them. They begin to feel something for each other and that’s where things get complicated. Thea has to find the right time to tell the truth to everyone that she is not really pregnant and that it was all a lie.

A Film By Lara Shapririo

1st Assistant Director- Michael C Risoli

2nd Assistant Director – Peter J Dowd

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