ICE AGE 3 is a laugh out comedy directed by Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier. This movie will have you laughing harder than ever. If you have not seen it im saying you should go buy a ticket before its out of theatres and take a couple a friends who thought this was going to be bad and prove them wrong. Dont think this movie is only for kids its for kids and adults. This is not the only good kids film theatres right now theres UP wich is also a great film to right now. So this movie starts off with the squirrel who is always trying to get the nut but runs into this girl squirrel that takes the nut away from him and they fight over the nut the whole movie and somewhere in the movie they find love and its just hilarious. So later after the squirells in the begining of the film goes to the story where Manny and Eliot are together now. Eliot(Queen Latifah) in the film is pregnet and Manny(Ray Romano)is to excited. Later Sid(John Leguizamo)Sees how fun it is to have a family and goes to a place where in ice and finds 3 eggs and then takes them and it was a big mistake because the eggs did not belong to him. later it goes to Diego(Denis Leary) who is really mad cause he cant get animals as easy as before decides to leave the place. Theni it goes back to sid in the film and the eggs finally hatch and is so happy because now he has a family but is it going to turn out good. then it goes back to Manny in the story and builds a lot of stuff for the baby and hears about Diego leaving the place and keeps telling him that he should not leave the place. Eliots brothers eddie(Josh Peck)and Crash(Seann William Scott)are funny in this film.Then it goes back to the squirells in the story and everone notices that the more the squirells are in love the less they care about the nut.Then it goes back to Sid and his family and then has so much fun with them and later a big atack comes to the ice age and destroys the place and looks for her babies and Sid was trying to hide them from the mom but some how the mom found the babies and Sid and took them to this other world. Now Manny,Eliot,Crash and Eddie go looking for Sid if you want to know what happens next i recomend you see this movie now