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Hunk’s, Then and Now

 Hunk’s nowadays are ruff dirty and concise, back then they where stylized retro and renegade. It’s all about what you prefer, although I believe that many of the current forgettable tough guys of are day are wannabe replica’s of the past cult-tough guy mold.Today we have Van Diesel (The Chronicles of Riddick)- who I believe is the pinnacle of tough guy. He is the most original- in my perspective of the hard-boiled rogue. Van Diesel  seems to be like a lesser, and altered version of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. In saying this I mean that the movies that  he  is making right now sort of mirror what Arnold was doing at this point in his career: for instance, there’s Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier , that seemingly mirrors Arnold’s Kindergarten Cop. Nevertheless Arnold is forever the greatest tough guy of them all, and hopefully he’ll “be back”.Sylvester Stallone is still doing his thing- by this I mean he keeps making the same movie over and over again. Back in the day Stallone was Arnold’s competition, but now I think he needs to let it rest.Then we have Bruce Willis who will be acting in the movie Surrogates. This man keeps churning out hits: for instance the awesome 16 Blocks in 2005. Then he got gritty in Grindhouse’ film Planet Terror (Which you can skip with fervor, unless you like zombies-ugh) I really enjoy his movie Live Free or Die Hard. When the trailers first hit the big screen, I thought, “not another one”, but it delivered.I can’t forget are time period though. Matt Damon is one of my favorite tough guys, but he doesn’t proclaim it like the rest do… he just silences the competition. Then there is Max Payne’s star Mark Wahlberg, who also acted in Shooter. He is another one of the current tough guy’s who light up the screen with a barrage of bullets.You can probably tell that I favor the oldie’s, but we have a new age of tough that is more hard-core and more to the point. And although the former tough guy was more stylized, we get more real and more bang in are day. So in conclusion get a good taste of both and let them all rock your world.

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