X-Men is one of the of the most explosive sci-fi movies I have seen in a long time. Starring Hugh Jackman as the heroic “Wolverine,” and Patrick Stewart as the brilliant, Charles Xavier. The movie is set in modern day New York.

   The film seems to jump around all over the place at the beginning. We see when Magneto first discovers his “metal-controlling” abilities. We also see when Marie(Rogue) finds that she sucks the life force from other humans. But, the story seems to really take flight when Rogue first sees Logan(wolverine) fighting in a cage match. They become acquainted but soon after they are attacked by Magneto’s henchman, Sabre-tooth. Luckily, Rogue and Logan are rescued by two of the X-men, Storm and Cyclops, and are taken to Dr. Charles Xavier’s school for mutants. Meanwhile, Magneto is trying to find away to turn every New York citizen into a mutant. He captures Rogue and attempts to use her as a vessel to spread his mutation all over the city. Logan and the X-men team up in an effort to stop Magneto and save Rogue and all of New York.

   The special effects were astounding in the film. The way storm looked like she could really create lightening was remarkable. Logan’s adamantium claws looked so convincing, I believed that they could really come out of his skin. To me the scenery and design of all the visual effects were like “magic.” 

 As far as the acting goes… to me it just was not good enough. I found Famke Janssen, the woman who plays, Dr. Jean Grey, to be quite boring. She just did not deliver the way I feel that her character should have. I was expecting someone with more expression to play Jean. As for Hugh Jackman, I do not think they could have found a better Wolverine. He looked and played the part very well. I give him “two claws up!”

    My reaction to this film was that I thought it was “good.” It could have been better. Like I said before, the acting could have been a little more convincing. It is a good adaption of the animated series though. Overall, I would recommend this film to someone who is looking for an action- packed, epic, fantasy.