The Proposal

This romantic comedy that will have you laughing stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

It starts when Andrew (Reynolds) is late for work and has to be there before his evil boss Margaret Tate (Bullock) fires him. Despite his efforts, Andrew wrote a script in which he wants to be published by Tate herself. In the middle of it all Tate has issues of her own when her Green Card doesn’t come through she will be deported and won’t be able to work for her beloved company. So she blackmails Andrew to marry her, but will she herself fall?

This movie takes place in Alaska where the scene is just beautiful. Even though the two characters despise each other, when they get to know each other a bit more, the tables turn. Tate (Bullock)reveals her life as a teen when her she suddenly remembered what it was like to have a family again. Though her efforts to hurt Andrew(Reynolds) was a bonus she herself couldn’t go through with the wedding.

The movie is quite hillarious with the baby maker (blanket) given by Andrew’s grandmother to make children. In order to be fertile,Andrew’s grandmother and Tate go into the woods and dacne to Lil John and Eastside Boys’ Get Low. Another is when Tate falls into the water and can’t even swim, showing a comedical yet sensitive side to her. Ryan and Sandra make quite a team.

Overall, the movie has twists and turns and we’ll see if the bribe can prevail.

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