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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This teen wizard in training stars Daniel Radclife and Rupert Grint in a chill spining movie about the battle for good and evil.

It all starts when Harry Potter (Radcliffe) is summoned by Dumbledore (Micheal Gambon) to take on Voldemort and his evil Death Eaters. Harry learns about a new professor in which Voldemort cared about and his name was Professor Slughorn. (Jim Broadbent) Slughorn is then convinced by Dumbledore to  come to Hogwarts as Potions master. In the mean time, Draco Malfoy has been appointed a task by the Dark Lord in which we will see if Draco has the courage to carry it out. Along the way, Harry learns about the Horcuruxes in order to stop Voldemort he must destroy. Learning that he has alread destroyed 2, he must seek out the rest after a tragedy falls on Hogwarts.

The movie left out very important details into which we learn why Voldemort is the way he is. In the books, Rowling makes it clear but a movie should do the same. For example,  in the book we find out about Marvolo Gaunt, who happened to be Voldemort’s grandfather. We also learn that Voldemort has a human father and a witch as a mom. This is vital because we find out about Snape and his background as well.

Though the movie has its serious aspects in some ways it also focused a bit more on the romance part of it. Ron, Lavender and Hermione love triangle. We see Hermione upset when “Won Won” and Lavendar begin to date. She sends a flock of birds after him to show how angry she is. In the meanwhile, Harry discovers that he may be in love with Ginny, Ron’s sister, but he tries to hide it and does a terrible job. In the end good triumphs the bad.

If you read the book, the movie should come as no surprise. Overall, the film was worth waiting for and watching! Mischief Managed!

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