Still Too Old for This S**

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” was directed by Adil & Bilall, who directed the previous film, is the fourth film in the franchise. The film sees Martin Lawrence & Will Smith return to their respected roles along with Joe Pantoliano, Vanessa Hudgens, Jacob Scipio, Paola Nunez, Alexander Ludwig & John Salley who reprise their previous roles. Joining the cast is Eric Dane, Tiffany Haddish, Rhea Seehorn, Melaine Liburd & Ioan Gruffudd. Tasha Smith also joins the cast as “Theresa Burnett” the wife of Lawrence’s character, replacing Theresa Randle who played the character in the previous 3 films.

After the events of the previous film, Miami detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) & Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) learn that the late police captain, Conrad Howard (Pantoliano) was being accused of conspiracy & association with drug cartels. Mike has settled down and now married to his physical therapist, Christine (Liburd) and Marcus is still adjusting being a grandfather and living life after a recent heart attack. When the 2 hear of the accusations towards Captain Howard, Mike is quick to think he’s being framed but when the new Captain, Rita Secada (Nunez) joins him & Marcus, the FBI & U.S. Marshall, Judy Howard (Seehorn), stop them to launch an internal investigation within the Miami police department. Howard, who is the daughter of the late Captain, informs Mike that his estranged son, Armando Aretas (Scipio), is also a target while in still serving his prison sentence for the murder of Captain Howard. When Mike & Marcus go to confront Armando, they are ambushed by small black op unit and framed for murder of a state trooper and freeing Aretas. Now, the 3 must go on the run from the police, the FBI & the U.S. Marshals in order to prove to Captain Howard’s innocence before they suffer a similar fate.

My first thought when hearing about this movie is that they got 2 titles mixed up. The 3rd film should’ve been “Ride or Die” & this 4th film should’ve been “For Life”. For life? Bad Boys 4 Life? Anyways, this was good movie all the way around. It had the setup of a “GTA” video game setup with all the side stories, but it all comes together by the end. It cliched for sure but still entertaining, nonetheless. Will Smith & Martin Lawrence prove that their chemistry is undeniable and makes the movie work, the action is great and grittier than the Michael Bay films. In fact, this film does a special little tribute to Michael Bay himself, with one scene in particular which feels like a tip of the hat to the director and the first 2 films.

After the Will Smith incident at the Oscars earlier this year, you would think that people would be out for Smith’s career but judging by the opening weekend the film had, looks as if maybe all or some has been forgiven. Sony did make the decision to stop production following the incident but that didn’t last too long. The film opened in Dubai on May 22 before hitting theaters worldwide on June 7. Both Smith & Lawrence have been open to another sequel however, no official word from them, the cast or producer Jerry Bruckheimer. If this film is any indication of a possible sequel, then by all means shoot for the moon.



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