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An Old Animated Rivalry

“Tom & Jerry” was directed by Tim Story, who previously did, both of the “Fantastic Four” films, both “Think Like A Man” & both “Ride Along” films. The film is based on the animated characters & short films of the same name created by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera and is the second full length theatrical film following the 1992 film, “Tom & Jerry: The Movie”. The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Rob Delany, Colin Jost & Ken Jeong as the live action characters while Nicky Jam, Lil Rey & Bobby Cannavale provide the voices of the animated characters.

As Thomas D. Cat is living in Manhattan pursuing his dream of being the first cat pianist, he runs into his longtime rival, Gerald Mouse a.k.a Jerry. Their long running chase of one another leads them to the Royal Gate Hotel which is being renovated for a high profile wedding. At the hotel, Tom befriends Kayla (Moretz) who has recently quit her previous job only to scam her way to a job at the Royal Gate. The hotel is run by Mr. Dubros (Delany) and the events manager, Terrance (Pena) who is very suspicious of Kayla. The hotel is on high alert as it is the host of the biggest wedding of the century between a social media mogul (Jost) and his fiancée, a woman of middle eastern royalty. Things take a turn for the worst when the head chef, Jackie (Jeong), finds Jerry in one of the appetizers. Now, to ensure that this hotel is prepared for this, Kayla & Tom team up the find and get rid of Jerry as quickly & quietly as possible before the reputation of the hotel is ruined.

The cartoon / live hybrid films kind died out after “Space Jam” & “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” after going full on 3D animation in the mid 90s. This films falls into the same category as others like, “The Smurfs”, “Garfield”, “Hop”, “Peter Rabbit” & “Alvin and The Chipmunks” being a bit over the top and not all that entertaining. This film was a bit much seeing that kids today are way out of touch with source material but nonetheless it still has humor for its target audience. From a storytelling point of view, the movie is all over the place feeling like a bunch of old reruns of the show tied together for 90 minutes. The performances feel forced and unenthusiastic and at some points even phoned in. The movie is perfect for taking the kids and having good time but at the same easily forgettable.

Overall, this was movie that connects with its target audience but is also not going to be remembered the next day. While it does have fans of the source material, the movie would’ve probably worked better on streaming services. Much like “Woody Woodpecker”, “Tom & Jerry” is a classic cartoon from a different time that may not connect with audience of today. Movies like this are throwaways and can’t really be taken seriously like a “Detective Pikachu”, “Sonic The Hedgehog” or have the nostalgia factor like “Space Jam” or “Looney Tunes Back In Action”, this film will be there for the kids but probably won’t be around for long.

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