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The Ultimate Showdown That Nobody Saw

“Scott Pilgrim VS. The World” was co-written, produce and directed bu Edgar Wright and is based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Brian Lee O’Malley. The film stars Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieren Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Pill, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Mae Withman, Brie Larson & Jason Schwartzman. Musicians such as Beck and Metric also have significant roles for the story.

After a major breakup, Scott Pilgrim (Cera) joins his mediocre band, Sex Bob-Omb, with the hopes of winning the “Battle of the Bands” and landing a record deal. Scott also begins dating a 17 year old girl named Knives despite tremendous disapproval from his roomate, Wallace (Culkin), his sister, Stacey (Kendrick) and their friend Julie (Plaza). Things only get more complicated when he meets the Amazon delivery girl, Romona Flowers (Winstead) and quickly falls head over heels for her. Scott and Romona become closer until the Battle of the Bands where Scott is attacked by Romona’s ex, Matthew Patel. The challenge is thrown, if Scott wishes to date Romona, he must defeat all 7 of her ex boyfriends in a battle to the death. Scott defeats Matthew but has his work cut out for him as the ex’s get stronger and bizarre. Hollywood actor and pro skateboarder, Lucas Lee (Evans), the vegan super powered Todd Ingram (Routh) and the lesbian ninja Roxy Richter (Withman) all prove to be formidable opponents. Scott’s even has to confront his own ex in Envy Adams (Larson) who is currently dating Ingram. Scott never gets up but at the same time can’t seem to quite understand what exactly is going on and begins to question his feelings for Romona. Their love is put to the ultimate test but only Scott can carry the load while fending off an insane motley crew of ex boyfriends just to be with the girl of his dreams.

I remember seeing this film in theater thinking, “Wow”. Too bad nobody else saw it. Back 2010, Marvel was at the beginning of it’s cinematic universe while “The Dark Knight” forever changed the way we look at comic movies. Scott Pilgrim flew right under the radar with nothing to show for it. Its a damn shame too cause this was really cool film. From the insane visuals to the over the top storyline, it plays like a video game movie with all the cliches of a comic book movie. Michael Cera & Mary Elizabeth Winstead and fantastic in the leads. Brie Larson, Chris Evans and Mae Withman were all solid as was the rest of the supporting cast. I found it ironic that Brandon Routh’s character was similar to “Superman” due to him playing the Man of Steel in 2006’s “Superman Returns”. Now, this film has garnered a cult following but I thought it was amazing upon release. It had 3 different elements of storytelling woven together and told great with some great visuals effects and action sequences.

After the disappointment at the box office, Edgar Wright would go on to do 2013’s “The World’s End” and 2017’s “Baby Driver”. Wright was set to direct 2015’s “Ant Man” but ultimately left the project after conflicts with Marvel but is still credited as writing the film. Michael Cera would later star in “This Is The End” & a some animated features such as “Sausage Party” & “The Lego Batman Movie”. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was appear in number of films including 2011’s remake of “The Thing”, 2012’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, 2013’s “A Good Day to Die Hard”, 2016’s “10 Cloverfield Lane”, 2019’s “Gemini Man” & 2020’s “Birds of Prey”. Chris Evans would join Marvel as “Captain America” from 2011 to 2020 while Brie Larson would join in 2019 in “Captain Marvel”.



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