Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a real photon blast from the 90’s.

Notwithstanding DC beating them to the proverbial punch with their own solo super heroine, Wonder Woman, Marvel’s leading foray into lady champions offers up an immensely powerful rival with Captain Marvel. Released just in time for our annual International Women’s Day, the pic will certainly foster keen female inspiration and personal power within women on a global scale. It most certainly is a cinematic symbol of female empowerment, and could become a fiercely direct advocate for the #Times Up and Metoo movements.Okay, enough with politics. Let’s discuss Captain Marvel herself.

As always, the iconic Marvel Studios logo overwhelms us from the start, with anticipation of something good. Only this time, within the collage of heroes and heroines there is a special treat for all fans that I certainly will not spoil. Suffice it to say, you will love it. And you will applaud even before the actual movie begins.

Vers (Brie Larson), a Kree warrior still in training, is having another troubling dream about being some kind of jet pilot when we first meet her. These dreams are only exacerbated when, after a crucial mission with her fellow warriors (including Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg) goes wrong, their shapeshifting enemies, the Skrulls, capture her. In their relentless search for certain information, the pale green, Spock like aliens crack Vers’s deeply subdued memories of another life she may have had.

During this grueling process, our heroine revs up enough energy to break from her captives, fleeing the Skrull’s ship, via an escape pod. Unfortunately, in the explosive mayhem, she crash lands directly on the planet harboring that certain important information both sides will viciously battle over. The earth.

Rooted within the internet genesis of the nineties, those (including yours truly) who recall the era, will experience many fond memories as the recovering Vers must use what is now considered ancient technology to contact her comrades, and single-handedly fight any Skrulls she’s able to ferret out.

Since the Kree/Srkull conflict now threatens to transform our planet into a battlefield, it seems only logical that Vers must team up with S.H.E.I.L.D. agents Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson) and Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) And thanks to CGI’s indelible fountain of youth, we see Jackson’s iconic character in budding form, with a full head of hair, plus no eye patch.

Anyone, especially Marvel fans, who may have been wary about Academy Award winner Brie Larson being chosen for the titular role, will most likely have a respectable change of heart. Undergoing a rigorous weight training regimen, the 5 foot-seven actress duly toughened up for all the required combat as well as dramatic scenes, making her a much welcome new addition to the Marvel Universe. She defiantly holds her own as a noble warrior hero.

Amidst the deceptive tide of Skrulls our partners must deal with, Rogue One- A Star Wars Story’s Ben Mendelsohn, immediately stands out. He’s definitely no stranger to bad guy roles, playing the tyrannical Sheriff of Nott in Robin Hood, and the conniving Nolan Sorrento in Ready Player One. His Talos/Keller persona in Captain Marvel could easily be classified as a combination of both aforementioned characters, naturally alternating at will.

Samuel L. Jackson’s wise cracking Nick Fury, is undeniably the serious laugh relief of the pic. He and Larson’s Captain make perfect chemistry. Together, they navigate an apocalyptic planetary crisis involving two worlds with earth as the precarious center point, withstand reckless car and train chases, go mano e mano with various Skrulls which gives Marvel numerous opportunities to use her photon blasts, and still have fun at the same time.

Marvel Studios’ selection of indie film directors (i.e. Taika Waititi- Thor Ragnorok) to bring a fresh take on their heroes,has been working like a proverbial charm. And Captain Marvel is certainly no exception. Dynamic film making duo Ryan Fleck and Anna Bowen were another right choice to helm a female centered action pic which may not be ultra fantastic, but sports enough thrills and surprises to hire them for a sequel.

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