After 14 years, Pixar bought us a long over due sequel to one of its best films ever. The Incredibles 2 is directed once again by Brad Bird and sees Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson all return to their respected characters as well as new characters like Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener & Sophia Bush.

The film picks up where the first film left off as the Parr Family suit up to take a new villain known as The Underminer. However, they are unsuccessful which cause political backlash and forces them to once again go into hiding. Their hope seems lost until a business mogul, Winston Deavor (Odenkirk), makes them an huge offer to bring superheroes back in to the spotlight. While he is fan of Mr. Incredible (Nelson) and Frozone (Jackson), Deavor wants to use Elastagirl (Hunter) to launch this campaign. While Elastagirl is out trying to stop this new cyber tech villain known as The Screen Slaver, Mr. Incredible assumes the role as stay-at-home-parent.

This was a great film and really shows how great Pixar films are overall. The story, visuals, action and tone were all top notch. The story has some similarities to the first one but also brings in some new elements. The first one was action film with some family dynamics that blended together nicely. This one felt more like a spy thriller still mixed family dynamics and still blended nicely. Pixar has always blown us away with there visuals and this film is no different. Like I said before the spy thriller aspect does benefit for some damn good action sequences. The idea of both lead characters swapping roles is really interesting because they don’t have a whole lot of depth cause its a sequel, there development into these new roles really shines through and by then end you are fully invested in them.

My only flaw with this film, to me, was the villain. The Screen Slaver is pretty menacing and has a deep motive for taking down Elastagirl  and the rest of the supers. However, it comes across as a cliché and very similar to “Lex Luthor” from DC’s Superman comics. While Syndrome in the first film was comical and way over the top, his character and motivations worked for the story to where as Screen Slaver is just a generic villain with a moderate motive. The reveal in the movie was predictable however does not take anything away from the great finale and confrontation.

Overall, this was wonderful movie and long overdue. Pixar has made some fantastic films but those films who got sequels didn’t measure up. “Cars 2”, “Cars 3”, “Monster’s University” & “Finding Dory” all were somewhat entertaining but didn’t come close to their originals. This one however does meet the standard and in a lot of ways eclipses the original. With all of Pixar’s successful films, this one in particular was long over due but was definitely worth the wait and in typically Pixar fashion really makes an enjoyable film for the entire family.