A Quiet Place is a horror film directed and stars John Krasinski alongside with his real life wife Emily Blunt. Krasinski also serves as co-writer with Scott Beck & Bryan Woods who wrote the original script as well the 2015 thriller, Nightlight. Paramount Pictures bought the original script and bought the 3 writers together to work on the new script & screenplay.

In the year 2020, mysterious creatures who are blind, have hypersensitive hearing and have seemingly thicken armored skin have wiped out a majority of the human race and are still roaming the Earth attacking anything and everything that makes a sound. A family of now 4 are living in a farm house in complete silence. After the 5th member is tragically killed, the family take extreme caution to their situation. Covering the ground with powder, using lights as alerts or warnings and if things weren’t as difficult enough, our leading lady (Blunt) is 9 months pregnant. The older daughter is deaf which also presents its own problems but as the film progress we as an audience discover that despite situation at hand this family can preserve and stick together no matter what.

This was great horror film that creates this unbelievable tension that leaves you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Krasinski does a fantastic job isolating everyone and creating tension but also have great character moments with everyone giving great performances. The utter silence throughout the movie bone chilling. It has its moments of cliché horror but you forget most of it due to how great the story is. It boggles my mind that guys who are more known for comedy can also bring us truly terrifying films like what Krasinski did with this film & what Jordan Peele did with Get Out.

The fact we know very little about these creatures actually makes this movie much creepy. Much like The Strangers the less that known is about the antagonist can really elevate the movie as long as the rest of movie is good. Now the actual look of the creatures is a bit average however by the time we actually see it and know pretty much everything about it, it does give it some what of an edge. The setting also give the movies an eerie vibe. Much like The Shining, The Strangers & Nightlight, the forest and farms can be creepy especially with monsters lurking around.

Overall, this was great movie through and through. Solid performances, very suspenseful, nerve racking and also really adds more to the horror genre. Its always a good sign being truly scared by a movie when it seems horror movies either don’t do that at all or just make us revert to the saying about “Hollywood is out of ideas”.