Ready Player One
Starring: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cook
Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure


Ready Player one is a story of a teenage orphan boy Wade living in the future where the environment is no longer as beautiful as in the past. He’s only escape, is the OASIS, an infinite virtual world where you could be whoever you want and wherever you want. When the creator of the OASIS died, he left a will through games in the OASIS, he left three Easter Eggs which could be obtained by winning the games. Whoever finds the Easter Eggs, shall become its new owner. It’s up to Wade and his friends to find the Easter Eggs against a mighty corporation, who’s ultimate goal is to own the Oasis.

This is one of Tye Sheridan’s biggest breaks, from Scout’s Guide to Zombie Apocalypse to becoming Cyclops in the X-Men: Apocalypse, and now an apocalyptic future movie. Wow! That is triple “A” not triple Apocalypse but triple Awesome! Tye is a great young actor with a very bright acting future. No wonder Steven Spielberg chose him to play the role of Wade/Parcival in this movie.

Talking about OASIS, me personally, I watched this movie not just because it’s a Steven Spielberg first 3D semi-animated action movie, but because I spent my childhood in the 80’s and most the settings in the OASIS have the touch of the 80’s from fads, fashion, music, to other movie and video game characters. I mean who would have thought that I would see the Delorean from the Back to the Future again on a big screen infused with Van Halen’s Jump? Its’ reminiscing my childhood memories in a different beat. It’s like an old song turned into an electronic dance music.

This movie a about a battle between a person who would do whatever it takes to win and person who uses dedication and follows his heart. What I have learned in this movie is no matter how resourceful and determined you are, if destiny is not designed for you, you will never get it.
I guess you should watch this movie to appreciate it and understand what I am talking about.

Geo Deloso