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Tiff Next wave Thoroughbreds Film Review
– Credits and Synopsis
Thoroughbreds is a directorial debut Thriller that is written and directed by (Cory Finley) and stars. Anya Taylor Joy, The late and great (Anton Yelchin) (Oliva Cooke) (Paul Sparks) (Francie Swift) and (Kailli Vernoff) Thoroughbreds is the story of two friends Amanda and Lily who reunite after Amanda’s mother hire’s Lily as a tutor, Amanda figures out that Lily despises her stepfather which allows a plan to get rid of him to unfold.

– Thought’s and analysis
Thoroughbreds is an enigmatic, thrilling film, that is like a perfectly unbalanced and Unhinged game of mental chess.
The film is a game of wits with the movie as the player and your mind the opponent, each frame and shot in this film is meticulously crafted and adds to the overall experience. (Finley’s) directorial debut is sure to leave a lasting impact and is a well executed and subversive thriller that creates great tension through a solid script, Creating a film that tackles multiple genres such as elements of Noir, Crime, Comedy,
and Drama. (Finley) who is known as a playwright and is new to the director’s chair, steers this film in all the right directions, the film lends itself to an incredible cast with the films greatest element and aspect being the chemistry between (Anya Taylor Joy) and (Olivia Cooke) what I gathered from this film is that it is not going for one definitive message, that there’s not one definitive message that this film stands for rather then that this film feels more like a Social Satire and commentary on Modern day Youth and Wealth. This is why Director Cory Finley stated in his after film Question and answer session, or Q an A that the film was inspired by his many thoughts on Wealth.
Now, I definitely see a strong Comparison from wealth to a Thoroughbred horse because being a Thoroughbred means to be from a higher pedigree than others in this case in a higher social class. This film really explores Youth Wealth and
Modern-day materialism. Its a really solid exploration into the psyche of The Materialistic and the unfeeling, It’s a deep and compelling story that captivates you with every scene. From The camera work to the music this film doesn’t falter in the slightest. Somehow Thoroughbreds manages to keep you entertained, entranced and interested in the Main character’s who simply aren’t. There overall character arcs allow us to see that both girls are from Privliged backgrounds but are dealing with issues and both are ultimately each other’s caytalyst.

– Pros and Cons

Superb acting from an incredibly talented cast, especially Anya Taylor Joy, Oliva Cooke and The late great, Anton Yelchin,
Fantastic and well-written dialogue and story
Excellent Cinematography and Camerawork
Great Soundtrack, The music lends itself very well to the film
Perfect Pacing

Sound design, I found the sound design was a bit distracting and some of the sounds in the background sometimes could take me out of the film from time to time.

-Overall Thoughts and Overall Rating
Thoroughbreds is a Gripping and subversive Thriller that has multiple genre elements and a tightly tension-filled and well-written story that keeps audiences intrigued and interested in the most disinterested characters with the very interesting story arcs throughout. This is a fantastic Directorial Debut for Cory Finley and The future is certainly bright for this Writer and Director. Thoroughbreds is a Social commentary Satire Thriller that will make you tense up and laugh out loud at the same time.

Overall rating

8 out of 10 Popcorn’s.

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