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Dunkirk Film Review By Josh Evoy.

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Dunkirk Directed by Christopher Nolan

Runtime 2hrs

starring  Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Barry Keoghan, James D”acry, Aneurin Barnard, Harry Styles, Jack Lowden, Tom Glynn Carney, and Fionn Whitehead.

Synopsis,  Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is The story  about the Evacuation of over 200,000 soldiers on the Beaches of Dunkirk and the film has 3 stories that are called The mole which takes place over the span of one week in the film the second story is called the sea and the event’s of that part of the story takes place over the course a day and the final story is called the air which takes place over the course of the film but in film time takes place over the span of one hour.

Now,  Dunkirk is a unique film that is truly something that should be watched by anyone and everyone. Especially in IMAX- 70 MM which is the preferred format that I would recommend watching the film in because it’s Nolan at his absolute best. So Before I begin this review I wanted to quickly say something about Dunkirk and what format this film is intended to be watched in and why watching it in Imax 70 MM is the best format and the best way to experience this film. The reason for why Dunkirk should be watched in Imax is because Christopher Nolan has stated that when he wrote Dunkirk that it was always intended to be watched in Imax 70 MM, so with that in mind I have decided to provide some quick fun fact’s about what 70 MM film is to those who aren’t familiar 70 millimeters or 70 MM FIlm is a type of film that is actually known as 65 MM film print and it allows a film to work with Larger format and has camera’s that uses larger lens and allows the camera to cover 70 percent more of the screen so the screen is stretched out more and you can do more visually. This allow’s the film to look larger and the screen is opened up more revealing more and more. this format allows for long wide shot’s, clearer sound and more clear and crisper images. this allows the visuals to stand-out more than usual. Now with all that being said let’s begin the review for Christopher Nolan’s Latest film Dunkirk.


War films, What truly drives us to watch them Filled with Strong violence, Gore, and tons of flashbacks and back stories. Dunkirk is a fresh and new take on the war film genre and is a truly unique film, that is both Cinematically Breathtaking and Visually Stunning. Now Pair that with a fantastic stacked cast of amazing actor’s with tremendous performance’s and you get Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. So what is it about Christopher Nolan’s film’s that makes so many people believe he is the greatest film director of the modern era. Well for a starter to that argument. whenever you think about Christopher Nolan you think of his filmography that span’s well over a decade. Film’s like Memento, or The Dark Knight Trilogy Inception, and Interstellar?. The reason why he has the fan base that he does is built on one thing you can alway’s say about Nolan and that is he’s consistent with making fantastic films and the record show’s that fact to be true. Since the Release of Memento in 1999. Nolan has been a big industry name in Film, this is because of his style of filmmaking, there is a definitive reason why Christopher Nolan has become a Top name in the film industry and it’s for the care and exact precise planning and fantastic writing and directing ability that he has shown over the course of a long and storied career.
Arguably considered as one of the Greatest Filmmakers and Directors of the Modern era.

Nolan has been a key player in the film industry for year’s now and whether your a hater or a fan of Nolan’s work people still know that when it comes to Nolan he always delivers and Dunkirk his Latest film is no exception.
This is by far my favorite film that Christopher Nolan has done since Memento, It’s a truly unnerving and Gripping Pulse pounding edge of your Seat Nail Bitting film, that is Half suspense Thriller and half war Drama. So what does Nolan do with Dunkirk that made this film so great? It’s very simple the direction, the acting, but the true star of Dunkirk is the amazing Cinematography done by the Brilliant Hoyte Von Hoyteman. Dunkirk is the pulse pounding Suspense thriller that has turned the war genre upside down. Like only a Nolan film can.

– Pro’s and con’s
Now it’s time for my Pro’s and Con’s for Dunkirk, Let’s start with my pro’s than the cons. Dunkirk features some of the most visceral and fantastic visual storytelling, Dunkirk is truly exceptional for that and it’s cinematography which is breathtaking and I believe will win Best Cinematography at the Academy Award’s Next year, The acting in Dunkirk is excellent and every performance in the film is on point and perfect to a tee. The writing is sensational and the film is perfectly paced. ‘
Now for my con’s for this film, I can’t find anything wrong with this film which is great because the Last Nolan film that I watched Interstellar was a very split film for me.
So it’s nice to see Christopher Nolan back at it again with a film that is Fantastic, Gripping and never ever falters.

Overall Thoughts Rating.
Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is a phenomenal film that I believe is one of Nolan’s Best film’s in recent year’s and is, in my opinion, an absolute undisputed Masterpiece, I highly recommend that everyone checks out, Dunkirk and Try if you can to watch it the way it was intended in Beautiful IMAX 70 MM Film. It’s a truly an incredible Experience and the only true way to watch this film properly.
Dunkirk get’s an Overall Rating
10 out of 10 Popcorns.

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