Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama,Mystery,Thrillers “Lavender”: Big Spookiness comes in Small Packages

“Lavender”: Big Spookiness comes in Small Packages

“Lavender”: Big Spookiness comes in Small Packages post thumbnail image

What a strange little movie we have in the under-the-radar Canadian supernatural drama “Lavender”. It may be a low budget indy, but the story, acting and cinematography are all of high caliber.

Australian beauty Abbie Cornish is Jane, a woman with a horrific past that she can not remember. Cornish resonates as a wife and mother struggling to recall unthinkable events from a tragic childhood. Although she plays a gal from the American Midwest, her indigenous Aussie accent does seep through on occasion. But that doesn’t detract from a solid performance as the anchor of a uniformly fine cast which includes veteran pros Dermot Mulroney and Justin Long.

And one other thing. Watching “Lavender” may well result in you never again looking at unexpected presents wrapped in pretty red ribbon as a welcome surprise.

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