Wonder Woman Review

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Wonder Woman 

Rating:  PG-13

Run time:  2hr 21mins.

Starring:  Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nelson, Robin Wright, and Danny Houston

It has been argued that there is nothing sexier, than a gorgeous woman who knows how to handle herself.  Runway model material from head to toe, but behind those sultry eyes is a “no holds bar”, spit in your face, cussing, whopping ass machine.  There have been various notable actresses to portray bad ass female characters during the course cinematic history.  There was the scintillating sexy Pam Grier in Foxy Brown in 1974.  Sigourney Weaver lead a crew of gung-ho marines to take on the mother of all Aliens in its 1986 sequel.  Also, Linda Hamilton reprised her role as the tough “mission minded” Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991.  And who can forget, Uma Thurman as a martial artist bloody sword yielding bride in Kill Bill in 2003.  Now, add Gal Gadot to that list as the beautiful Amazon princess from Paradise Island, Wonder Woman.

While Princess Diana goes against her mother’s wishes and trains to become a warrior, a WWI pilot crashes on Paradise Island. Conflicts of the outside world comes to fruition as told by her ancestors, the arrival of Aries.  She must leave home to fight the war to end all wars, or so she believes.  During this, she discovers her true destiny and the powers she possess – Que music.

The story by Zach Snyder (screenplay by Allan Heinberg) is both intelligent and funny which is a far cry from the disastrous and convoluted Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in which he directed.  The action scenes rivals that of Superman:  Man of Steel.  The use of slow motion makes the fighting scenes more dramatic (probably needs to cut down on the soliloquies of the “why” behind the fight) and intense like that of a high octane martial arts film.


Casting plays a big part in the success of the film.  Like we picture Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Gal Gadot will be forever known as Wonder Woman.  She is stunning as Princes Diane with just the right mixture of “beauty and brawn”.  With her accent and innocence of a woman raised on a beautiful island, out on her own for the first time solidifies the realness of her character.  This also adds some comedy relief with her male costar Chris Pine.  Their chemistry is undeniable and is the heart of the film as Diana questions her beliefs as she sees “first hand” that the world is much more complex than she anticipates.  The film’s stand-out performances are by Lucy Davis as Steve Trevor’s (Pine) secretary, Etta Candy and Robin Wright as Diane’s aunt, Antiope. Davis’ wit and sense of comic timing makes the film uniquely entertaining.  Adversely, Wright’s strong presence and “kick ass” attitude as the Paradise Island top warrior and trainer contributes to the film’s action scenes and the root of Wonder Woman’s strength and determination.

Sometimes it takes a strong woman to help a franchise rise from the ashes of death.  Wonder Woman has help breathe life into the DC movie franchise that was once flat lining on the death bed of comic book film lore.  When the credits started to role, members of the audience were clapping, ensuring that Wonder Woman will grace the silver screen once more.  D.C. welcome to the party, we all have been waiting.


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8 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Review”

  1. Nice review. Wonder Woman was a great movie that DC needed to get back on the map. Gal Gadot was brilliant as Wonder Woman and you really felt she was Wonder Woman. Overall a great movie that will hopefully help jump start DC to new heights right in time for The Justice League.

  2. “Wonder Woman” (2017) is another great movie about superheroes. We all love Betman, Superman and other awesome superheros. But now we have awesome female superhero, we couldn’t ask for more. I think this movie has excellent effects and sound quality. Gal Gadot did extraordnary job, she is very talented actress. And a badass woman in her private life who made us adore Wonder Woman. Just hoping and looking for another part (part 2) from this movie.

  3. At first, I was really worried to hear that “Wonder Woman” was going to be turned into a movie. The original T.V. show can’t be beat. Just like some classic movies shouldn’t be remade, I thought this was one of those times. However, after seeing the movie and fully comprehending the plot of the story; I realized this movie was going to be amazing.

    Sean, I fully agree that the chemistry between Pine and Galdot was just so magically playful. It definitely brought humor into this dark period of history. Many of the scenes tugged on all the emotions, for instance the gas scene, because WWII was an actual occurrence. Real people were killed. And they were killed in gas chambers, they were brutally murdered and tortured.

    But, for a woman to come in and save the day other than a man was truly powerful unto itself. Sure it’s a comic, but it’s important to have strong role models for girls to look up to. And Galdot as Wonder Woman was the perfect person to step into the role.

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