Before I Fall

One could call this a groundhog day for young adults but there’s no Bill Murray or a ton of humor. This is a newer take on re living the same day over and over but trying to appeal to the younger demographic. Based off the best-selling novel of the same name, we follow Sam played by new ‘it girl” Zoey Deutch who is on the popular side of the senior class. She dates the hot guys, ignores the freaks, pays no real attention to her family and one night after a party there’s an accident and she wakes up and it starts all over again. It definitely goes through the arc that you think it will delve into. She tries to do different things, avoids certain people but what makes this different is that we are dealing with a young woman who is truly figuring out what it not only means to be a good person but what will make her be remembered.


Deutch gives a nice go of taking her first leading role, most times we have seen her play the pretty girl alongside zac Efron and James Franco but now is good to see her carry a film. She has an adorable grace (thanks to mom Lea thompson) and it will be interesting to see what she is up to next.Which apparently is playing Una O’Neil in the new J.D Salinger biopic,  not necessarily what I would have pictured in that role but after this performance she shows that she does have some skills. The director, Ry Russo-Young is also very up and coming as well. Most of her directorial credits are small indie flicks including Nobody Walks. It’s a surprise to her her take on a project like this but with a storyline like this it’s helpful to have someone who has dealt with dark themes in their previous works.
While I do get that this falls into a certain category since it’s a young adult novel you may think this is just going to be another Fault in Our Stars type movie but this one takes us on a grand character journey.While it does seem like the kind of film you’re 14 year old niece will drag you too it really is kind of for everyone  It makes us look at what we take advantage of and who we hurt in our lives. Also, how one decision can change everyone forever.

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