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Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the sea is a beautiful movie about a depressed, irritable man called Lee. Lee gets a call asking him to  come back to his hometown because his brother’s heart has given out suddenly, and he’s been named guardian to his 16-year-old nephew. As if losing his only sibling and doubts about raising a teenager weren’t enough, his return to the past re-opens an unspeakable tragedy.

 Manchester by the Sea provokes emotion and a deep understanding of tragic human experiences. With a compelling, transfixing performing by Casey Affleck, this movie has a plot that engaged me the whole way through, making it a very easy film to watch. Manchester by the Sea is powerful and recognises the raw emotions of depression, anxiety, grief, anger, love and loneliness.

The gray colour theme throughout the film set the dark, sensitive mood and made me realise the importance of family and friends. Manchester by the Sea shows the distance Lee feels toward people and is built around comparisons between the darkness and heartache Lee and Patty are going through.

I recommend that everyone watch this because of how compelling and emotional it is. I haven’t seen a movie made quite like this is a very long time.

3 thoughts on “Manchester by the Sea”

  1. Excellent review – it was wonderful to read how the gray theme reflects the mood of the film, as it was something I had not considered before.

  2. Great take, Megan. Not for everyone. But clearly it was for us. Here’s my review…

    “Manchester by the Sea”: Filmmaking of the Very Highest Order

    From the moment I became aware of “Manchester by the Sea” I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see it. Now, albeit belatedly, I have. As it turns out, I did.

    I don’t know what I may add to the avalanche of accolades already rightfully bestowed upon this brilliant production, in part by way of the Academy Award earned by Writer/Director Kenneth Lonergan for Best Screenplay and the quiet yet deeply moving Oscar-capturing performance from Casey Affleck. Except perhaps to say that this is one of the best overall movies I have ever seen. And I have seen my fair share of flicks, good and bad.

    At various turns heart-piercingly devastating, genuinely funny and ultimately hopeful, Lonergan has crafted a near perfect story and film that, even at over two hours, I never wanted to end.

    And trust me-it has been a long while since I’ve felt that way at the sight of the closing credits.

  3. A decent review. Your review didn’t focus on individual characters much. But a good review nonetheless.

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