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Finally, a scary movie comes out with not only some decent humor but a social message that is completely relevant in our society. Jordan Peele (Key and Peele) makes his directorial debut with this new horror flick that is really unlike anything that has been seen in this genre for awhile.Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario) and Allison Williams (HBO’s Girls) are an interracial couple who got to visit her stepford like family for the weekend. Things get weird from the very beginning. While her parents seem to be on the liberal side while also having two African-Americans in the home as hired help.


This is a truly original idea from the hilarious mind of Jordan Peele who has clearly been a horror fan for years and makes a great choice for a feature. He brings off anyone that is very memorable of an Ira Levin story. He also picked a topic that might not seem to obscure in our day in age but still shows how an interracial couple still makes others turn heads. It puts a twist on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner but no light hearted ending.

    Daniel Kaluuya is an actor you might not know much of now but certainly will be seeing more of him soon. He plays the protagonist very well but  certainly does not go down without a fight. Allison Williams could not have chosen a project more different from her work in Girls. Seeming like the smart, privileged and fun-loving girlfriend worked for her until the very last minute. This shows that Williams is willing to take her career in many different directions and some that we might not expect.  Bradley Whitford and Catherine keener make for very interesting characters as Williams’ super liberal yet totally upper class parents. They definitely added a great mix of humor and suspense to the story. But the person who really does steal the movie is LilRel Howrey who plays Kuulya’s best friend and does an awesome job playing the comedic relief. He steals not only every scene he’s in but the entire movie. 

    This is not only for those who love horror but for those who want a suspenseful thriller where they can also hoot and holler when they watch it in the theater. For those who want a different type of scary movie and could use a little less blood and gore with some decent social commentary this is the movie for you. 

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