I think anyone whose feelings are so sensitive that they feel tenderly for people getting treated badly because they have a disability, or anybody who has a disability themselves will love this movie. The main character in this movie was not treated right, simply because he had a disability. What made it so much worse is that he was treated badly by someone he loved.

In my opinion, this is the best version of Moulin Rouge. It is also my opinion that the remake actually pales in comparison to this one. If I’m being honest, the new version used to be one of my favorites until I saw this version. Due to the fact that they remade it, I feel it would’ve been better if they had made it more like the old verison which was more about the life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. But that’s just my opinion. Every time I watch this version, I love it more and more.

On another website where I was reading reviews about this movie that other people had written, many people talked about how good his paintings looked. His paintings are beautiful and he’s an amazing artist, however, my review will be written more from an emotional standpoint, because I’m a very feeling person with tender emotions.

For several years of his life, Toulouse-Lautrec was mocked for his appearance, even as he reached adulthood. All he wanted was to have the love of a woman who would cherish him, and love him inside and out. He met a woman named Marie Charlet and he fell in love with her. She pretended to love him because he gave her money, but at the same time, she would often become agitated with him. She would get mad at him for no reason and call him horrible names. I couldn’t help but cry for him when I saw how much emotional pain she inflicted on him. Whenever I watch it, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still shed tears because of what he goes through. No one should ever be treated the way he was. Even if she was never taught the right way to treat people, that doesn’t make it any less sad. I wish I could’ve reached right through the tv screen so that I could give him a hug. I would also let him know that he should love himself and stand up for himself because he can be loved, but he should love himself first. Love is all that matters and it should be all that matters, but some people can’t see beyond a disability and into a person’s heart. If you don’t love somebody, that’s no reason to treat them badly. He really deserved better. Later on, he met another woman who he had fallen in love with. Her name was Miriamme Hyam. They quickly became friends and they hung out together a lot. Over the course of that time, he must’ve noticed things about her that made him fall in love with her. I liked her character. She seemed to be a compassionate person who sees beyond physical appearance. Toulouse didn’t want to reveal his feelings to Miriamme because he feared that he would be treated the same way that Marie Charlet had treated him. She did love him back. Did they live happily ever after? You’ll just have to see for yourself.