Does comedy need to essentially have an engaging plot or just the level energy to keep the audience engaged? I have done this long enough to say that keeping the interest irrespective of the genre is a focal factor to the championing of a motion picture. With a juvenile burlesque plot, the prattling Kevin Hart and infamous Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons’, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE is now here. Months of snapchat teasers, previews and interviews the greedily awaited summer hit CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE does not disappoint.

Kevin Harts – Calvin is the homecoming king, valedictorian and all round good guy who is seemingly the ultimate student to walk through the halls of Central High School and he is expected to go to finer places –possibly governor or maybe even president. Dwayne Johnsons – Bob Stone (He hates bullies! Wonder how that happened!) on the other side of the coin is a largely built student that is bullied all through high school life. While Calvin is praised at his final assembly by the school principal Bob fins himself facedown butt naked (literally) and is never seen in school again. Twenty years later things seem to have panned out differently as Calvin has been sucked into the rat race of life with a desk job as an accountant. A random Facebook friend request changes everything.

The essence of the comedy – Kevin Hart is the todays King of Comedy. He is always at his best when he teams up with screenplays with just one other leading role. RIDE ALONG 1, RIDE ALONG 2, GET HARD & THE WEDDING RINGER are his most noteworthy work so far that has left us with aching sides from laughter. The liveliness that he brings and his motor mouth is right up where it should be. Dwayne Johnson who has featured in more roles in the past years than Hart plays off this energy and is ridiculously entertaining. The ability of the A-Listers to play off against each others energy is what distracts the audience from the weak screenplay. This to me is greatest part of the movie. They are in sync and no one overpowers the other with their performances – This is perfect chemistry.

The director of WE ARE THE MILLERS Rawson Marshall Thurber has done it again. He does justice to the advertising hype created by its campaign leading up to the release of CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. Hats off to good comedy!

This summer funny is both big and small. Don’t Miss out!!

TITLE: central intelligence



RATING: 07/10

RUNTIME:107 Minutes