The girl next door and the bad boy on the spot, fall in love and are swept on a dreamy journey of their own through the moon and the stars and the soppy details of a birthing romance that will only be the greatest story ever to unfold just for the two of them. The thing about love is that its only as great as the two of you. Its almost as I have seen this movie before! How different can this one be? Especially considering the fact that this is the 11th Nicolas Spark novel to be made into a movie. His system works for some reason. It brings in the attention of the production houses and his ideas manage to pull in decent dollars. So why mess with a system that works? Lets just go ahead and make the pictures.

Travis (Benjamin Walker); the Casanova, the ladies man, the village veterinarian lives the life we all dream of in terms of a summer holiday. A home by the water, beautiful garden overlooking a crystal blue lake, a BBQ grill, the solitary tree besides which his lawn chair sits, that makes the sunsets just magical to soak in with a beer in hand with his trusty canine to the side. Picturesque! Typical Nicolas Sparks “Bad Boy” Protagonist…. Check! Across the fence a dream catcher chimes in the wind. Introducing the Gabby (Teresa Palmer), short tempered of sorts, beautiful golden hair, alluring eyes, fragile smile, no make up and sweat pants. The picture is complete with this. Here we are given the standard Nicolas Sparks “Girl Next Door” …. Check!

Any guesses on what will happen next? I think you know. A flirtatious, sensual 111 minutes of how Travis and Gabby composes their own little story that has been told one too many times. With no intricacy to the characters of any sorts to build upon Walker and Palmer pull off exceptional acting capturing the innocence of any budding romance. Director Ross Katz indeed is a man with a vision. He knew exactly what he is doing and the leads new how to hit the nail on the head. I was moved – momentarily of course. The screenplay is too disconnected for the rest of the cast to matter on any level except for the character of Steph (Maggie Grace) the sister, who is used as a launching pad for Palmer to find her footing in the picture.

A must-watch if you have not seen any of the Nicolas Sparks adaptations (Only reason being – you need to have watched at least one Nicolas Sparks adaptation- I would recommend A WALK TO REMEMBER). If you have seen one, you have seen it all.

Isolated brilliance in performance and direction based on a texture-less screen play.



STARRING: Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Maggie Grace & Tom Wilkinson


RATING: 04/10

RUNTIME: 111 MinutesThe Choice