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Frost/Nixon (2008)

 When discussing or talking about United States political history, everyone in the world probably knows who Richard M. Nixon was. He was the 37th U.S. President, and many people feel that, because of his actions toward the war in Vietnam, and the scandal from the Watergate hotel, have defined him as a bad president. All of this led us to his infamous resignation from office- a feat no other U.S. president has done since. After that, there came several interviews featuring President Nixon- one of these such interviews was with British news reporter David Frost. These interviews not only shaped future political interviews, but also a landmark in television history as many people saw them, and got A better understanding of who Nixon was. One of these people was Peter Morgan, a playwright who not only adapted the interviews as a popular stage production, but also the 2008 film version known as “Frost/Nixon”. When the movie came out, it was praised for its acting ability, and tough and relatable drama that was the center of attention. “Frost/Nixon” is a powerful drama that will both entertain and educate viewers on a pivotal and crucial moment in United States history.

The story involves the above mentioned figures- Richard M. Nixon (Frank Langella) and David Frost (Michael Sheen)- as they plan out a series of interviews detailing the former’s life as President. The only downside to all of this is that David doesn’t think he has the guts to tackle such a controversial figure like Nixon, and it might ruin his reputation; even his bank. David also has one big question on his mind that he feels will be unanswered: can the truth be told in front of millions of people watching on a small screen? He is going to find out.

“Frost/Nixon” is a remarkable film to watch with an older crowd. By this, younger audiences will learn what happened during a problematic times in the United States, and older audiences will get what actually happened during that time frame. The direction by Ron Howard is great as the action is centered on how the interviews were conducted, and all the troubles Frost had to go through in order to secure funding for this to happen. The editing makes the movie flow at a nice pace of two hours, keeping audiences entertained for that specific time. Musically, Hans Zimmer does a great job by creating a score that fits the tone of the movie perfectly. Even the costumes fit the time period very well, and the entire production looks fantastic. However, what really stands out is the acting, and even though it is just people recreating infamous roles, everyone does a phenomenal job.

The only criticism that is worth that is worth mentioning is that, yes, some of the interviews do not stick that close to the original source material, and the third act is the most engaging. But these are only nitpicks.

In conclusion, “Frost/Nixon” is a great movie that brilliantly recreates and showcases a pivotal moment in history through some outstanding acting that audiences will remember, on performances based on real people like David Frost and Richard M. Nixon.

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