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Tomorrowland (2015)

 Disneyland is always a place where innovation can be creative. However, trying to make a movie out of an idea from the park and resort, has always been tricky. Sometimes it works (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), or it fails (The Haunted Mansion). Now we have “Tomorrowland”, a movie encapsulating the almost entirety of one themed are of the park. With this movie, we get a lot of action suspense, as well as having Brad Bird having his name on the feature as both writer and director. And the end result is that the movie is okay. “Tomorrowland” may be entertaining on a visual aspect, but the rest of the movie does lose its charm and can make some viewers go back to Disneyland.

The story involves a teenage girl named Casey Newton (Britt Robinson) finding a strange pin that leads her to a futuristic city, bull of bright technological innovations. On her way, Casey meets a man named Frank (George Clooney), who has the ways to get there. From there, the two must realize what capabilities the human race use up, and hopefully try and save the world as we know it.

“Tomorrowland” is a film that’s kind of a mixed bag. Let’s start off with the good things first. For one thing, the acting’s not bad, as all of our actors fit their roles just fine; but we’ll take about that later. Brad Bird, best known for his action films like “The Incredibles”, does a good job at handling everything that is happening on the set, as well as what’s happening on the screen. Speaking of which, the action scenes provided in this movie are well-done, and are choreographed very well. This all complements the special effects needed for a film of this scope and size. Everything looks and sounds very futuristic, just the way it should be.

On the other side of things, the movie suffers greatly from a lot of things. While the acting provided is good, the characters are a little flat, making them almost not likeable. The characters have a certain character trait about them, and just stick with it. Then there’s the writing. While Brad Bird helped co-write the movie, and while watching it, one could definitely see his influences, it’s Damon Lindelof whose work fails to make this movie stand out on its own. While the story itself presents some great themes, like the conservation of raw materials on our planet, it does get very preachy, especially near the end. One final thing to mention, the pacing for this film is ungodly slow. If the movie had been shortened by at least 10 minutes, then it would have been finely, but it here, it takes forever to actually get to Tomorrowland.

In conclusion, “Tomorrowland” feels a little disappointing. Despite having some kind of originality, the movie wishes for more, but not to the extreme lengths that made the film what it is. At least it’s better than all the other films Disney has made about their attractions in recent years…

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