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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

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Sequels are tricky. Many cave under the pressure of the original, but not Pitch Perfect 2. Elizabeth Banks produced the first, this time she decided to direct the follow-up. Let’s hope she does it again for the next one. There have been rumors 3 is already underway and let’s hope it is if 2 is any indication. Your favorites from the first one are back and this time they got too big for their britches and find themselves back at the bottom of the acapella food chain. The story seems fresh again and it’s nice to see more of a story for Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), great new aca-competitors and a supersized riff off!
As much as I really liked the movie, I have to say I don’t think the songs this go-around are as good as the ones in the original. The new ‘Cups’ song, ‘Flashlight’ is growing on me, but I don’t understand why they didn’t incorporate the other original song, ‘Crazy Youngsters’ into the movie more. It’s fantastic and it’s got a great message behind it.
Also, don’t forget to stay for the mid-credits scene/song. Adam Devine is fantastic in it!
5 Reasons To See Pitch Perfect 2:
1) The Bellas are underdogs again
2) The new riff off
3) Keegan-Michael Key (Beca’s boss)
4) Das Machine
5) More John & Gail

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