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American Sniper (2015)

I didn’t know the story behind Chris Kyle (the most lethal sniper of U.S history) until that final one liner played across the screen following the last frame of the movie. Undoubtedly the greatest role Bradley Cooper is to have portrayed to this date. The three times Oscar nominee, receiving nominations three years running is now part of an ensemble of ten actors to ever have achieved such; Russel Crowe being the last. AMERICAN SNIPER is not just another movie of war.  Instead it delves into a deeper and more sensitive core of how war challenges and changes those in the hot center of it and the ripple effects on the families left behind. Directed by Clint Eastwood, finally to me THE HURT LOCKER steps down to number two! This is a must watch.

Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is a Texan lad who grows up and takes up the Texan way of life and aspires to be a cowboy. Kyle and his brother are brought up in a household where his father mans a tight ship. Into his thirties Kyle seeks into a deeper meaning into his life. He enlists himself with the US military as a Navy SEAL and is soon decorated for his 4 tours in Iraq accumulating 160 confirmed kills which earns him the nickname “Legend” amongst his fellow SEALs. AMERICAN SNIPER unfolds the story of Kyle from the moment he fires his first shot up until that moment he is honorably discharged from the US military. The question that hangs over our head is will he be able to leave his days of the battlefield behind?

Don’t go seeking for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN instead look for some of the deepest acting you will witness in a war hero. Cooper displays passion. Cooper displays determination. Cooper displays nothing but the want to make sure the audience feels and understands the days of Kyle and his unit in Iraq. The explosions did not impress neither did the faint CGI nor the blood. They were by far the weakest links of the picture. Cooper instead pulls a Tom Hanks Cast Away move by actually being the only person on screen that matters. I mean no disrespect but the supporting cast disappears in the background noise of Cooper’s ridiculous acting skills. At intervals it is felt as quite parallel to that of LONE SURVIVOR but Wahlberg is left way behind. The man behind the camera in this instance cannot be overlooked. Director Clint Eastwood is no D – League ball player. He is an All Star. I can only imagine how intense his chats with cooper may have been. For a character that speaks and does very little, the depths the character plunges into is astounding. To all you readers, watch out for that moment in the movie when you feel Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood has given it all they have………… and then……. “BAM”…… out of MV5BMTkxNzI3ODI4Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjkwMjY4MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_nowhere there is more.

132 minutes of intense drama, 6 Nominations at the 87th Academy Awards, the next big question is does it have what it takes to be the name in that envelope on February 22nd 2015? Over to you readers…..





RATING: 08/10


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