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For a man with just ten movies of directorial involvement under his belt and to make the A-List of directors in Hollywood Christopher Nolan surely has his bearings placed right. Known for his anarchic works since his indie days of MEMENTO all the way to blockbuster ring leaders such as the BATMAN trilogy, Christopher Nolan always has proven to be gaining of his game. As the mediocre summer blockbuster season of 2014 sets in the horizon the winter opens to the exhilarating and much anticipated Nolan venture into the genre of Sci-Fi ; MV5BMjIxNTU4MzY4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzM4ODI3MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_.

Starring Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey as Cooper; an ex test pilot for NASA, an engineer and an old fashioned farmer the earth is struggling for survival. Set In the near future, the earth is deteriorating its self. The soil that cultivated our crops is the very thing that is destroying it. Food is scarce and the likelihood of famine and the earth surviving yet another generation on its own seems bleak. Whilst it isn’t an instant apocalyptic setting it is a probable slow extinction scenario. Cooper a good father and persistent farmer alongside Donald (John Lithgow) do his best to raise his two children Tom (Timothee Chalamet) and Murph (Mackenzie Foy). Supernatural circumstances much like in Mel Gibson’s SIGNS results in Cooper and Murph being lead to specific coordinates that happen to be an area 51 of some sorts. Convenient enough the facility is home for some of the brightest minds on the planet and does happen to house a space ship that is being built for space travel as a final desperate effort of earth’s survival. The ingenuity (intended sarcasm) of the screenplay is such that the Nolan brothers also conveniently placed Coopers mentor Professor Brand (Michael Caine) in the board of directors of sorts within the same facility and Cooper without hesitation is offered the job to pilot the ship out into space…….. just like that. A bit rushed this all seems and way way way too convenient in choosing the commanding pilot for the mission one would say. Let me leave that minor detail as it is for spitting into the wind isn’t that smart since the rest of the movie is just astounding and McConaughey easily secures a nomination at the 2015 Academy Awards with this stellar (I had to say this)performance.

Christopher and Jonathan Nolan efforts in taking the genre of sci-fi to a new level deserve a nod. Whilst GRAVITY was ridiculously overrated in 2013 it is safe to place bets on INTERSTELLAR as a winter winner this year. Wormholes, Black holes, Time and space relativity theories will shatter your mind in the efforts of trying to draw sensible parallels. Theories of another life, theories of time travel, theories of quantum physics that are blatantly profound to the untrained movie enthusiast will keep you wincing at intervals trying to make sense of the practicality of what is right in front of your eyes. Deciphering the plot may look Childs play to the Sheldon Coopers (I had to say this too) of the audience but still it will mesmerize the penny’s just as much through its ethereal CGI and 70mm IMAX (if available). One of the personal favorites of INTERSTELLAR is that never has space in this detail been part of plot. Yes – GRAVITY did sell a cleverly imagined plot that takes place “in” space but INTERSTELLAR details a plot that takes place “inside” of space. For those that cannot fathom the school of thought will surely see what I mean once you’re done watching – The total experience is more immersive.

Walking in for a Nolan film sets ones expectations to an auto setting of high. Enthralling and entertaining it is. At nearly three hours there is never a dull moment but just variance in the pace of progress. However it is safe to admit that INTERSTELLAR can never be placed on par with the works of INCEPTION. Still to the fans of Nolan, to the fans of the Genre and most importantly to the fans of good taste in movies this movie will serve you right…. It will surely intrigue.





RATING: 08/10




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