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………… Every Second…………. Every Minute……. RIDE ALONG is a full dose of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart with the latter being at one his finest performances that will split you up laughing. Ben Harper (Kevin Hart) a security guard is accepted into the police academy (Which actually carries no further into the plot of this movie). The closest Harper has been ever to hold a gun is in his first person shooter games on Xbox.  Harper who is dating the hotness Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) is seeking for approval of the relationship to take it to the next level from her brother, the Captain of Jump Street aka Ice Cube who portrays James Payton. James is a bad ass cop who has been chasing a ghost suspect by the name of Omar for the past two years with no result. James who trusts no one tags along Ben for ride along for the day. The security gaurd who cannot talk a 10 year old down maybe the missing link to the great Omar mystery?

A day on the force is nothing as what is expected by Ben. Clearly the Xbox FPS guru is no match for the real world of cops and robbers. Hart often does bring to mind the works of Martin Lawrence when he used to be the funny cop on the big screens with BAD BOYS, BLUE STREAK & NATIONAL SECURITY. Much like that Hart will keep you curling up into balls of laughter over and over again with his wordplay. One of the best moments of the movie is when Ben and James take to the shooting range. Whilst I don’t want to give the moment away, it’s a moment to die for. Ice Cube on the other hand fits the role of James like a glove. It’s like Jump Street all over again. For some the performance may come as monotonous and to some his style of acting may seem rigid and Jump Street like. To me it seems an intentional effort so that Harts character is allowed enough space to grow in its right as cowardly brother in law to be. Although a variance in the performance (as a cop) maybe something to consider for RIDE ALONG 2 which is already in production for release in 2016.

Director Tim Story has never been one of my go-to directors when it comes to comedies. In fact his track record has not been the strongest of them all. Whilst BARBERSHOP was watchable, I never was able to connect with THINK LIKE A MAN. RIDE ALONG maybe the turning point for him and indeed he is heading in the proper direction of finally entertaining his audience.  Looking forward to his next.

It will keep you engaged and it will keep you entertained. A perfect entertainer for a lazy day.





RATING: 06/10


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