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Blue Ruin (2013) _ Killer Thriller

An Indie Film isn’t water under the bridge; it isn’t just a movie which is construed as a limited budgeted venture without big shot production houses at its helm. When one hears the term “Indie” one is instantaneously thrown off course. Watch BLUE RUIN and it will forever change the way one perceives Indies.

Let me throw a few titles at you. THE DESCENT, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, MEMENTO, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, MEAN STREETS & THE TERMINATOR are some of the most stringent budgeted productions seen in the past decades. BLUE RUIN does not have an A-List director to its name as some of the titles mentioned above. Instead Jeremy Sauliner can be considered an amateur with comparison to Nolan, Scorsese or Cameron. But still BLUE RUIN is one of the most absurdly intense and realistic movies of 2014.  Slow oFf the blocks BLUE RUIN progresses at a slow pace focusing on the mysterious growth of the troubled Dwight who is baffled at the news that the murderer of his parents is being released from prison.  The psychological imbalance and the struggle with acceptance is too darn realistic that for a moment Dwight isn’t Macon Blairs work, instead Dwight is as real as it gets. What happens to a man who holds another man at gunpoint for the first time? He hesitates, he doubts himself, he is afraid of the consequences and most of all he himself is afraid of the situation. This all what BLUE RUIN is at its core eventually? I for one think so.

BLUE RUIN gripped me from the very start. Its weak in its screenplay at certain intervals which is intentional I presume. However this may work negatively since this leaves plenty of room for the audience distraction. Jeremy Sauliner is a perfectionist in BLUE RUIN. Each nook is fine tuned to extract the scenes maximum potential within his strained budget. When Dwight bleeds that’s all that happens; he bleeds. When Dwight cries that’s all that happens; Dwight cries. Unlike Colin Farrell or Tom Hanks in PHONEBOOTH or CASTAWAY there isn’t much taking place in the backdrop. There is no police squad, there is no island. Instead its always back seat of a car, a broken chair, a wall or a tree.

A winner at the Film festival Circuit BLUE RUIN is vengeance thriller that lets of its steam cautiously but certainly. It’s like walking the plank.





RATING: 07/10


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