The Scorpion King 2

This film is the sequel to the original Scorpion King. This film stars actors Randy Couture ( Ultimate Fighting Champion) , Michael Copon, Karen David and Pierre Marais.


This movie is a prologue to the original Scorpion King. It is the story of the young Mathyus (Michael Copon)  and the revenge that he takes on his fathers killer, in the process becoming the man that is destined to be the scorpion King. This film covers Mathyus’ trek to acquire a weapon that will empower him with the strength to avenge his fathers death. The quest leads him through the underworld and back in an action filled and sometimes comedic journey.


The Lackluster Sequel lacks good dialogue.  Not that this is a film that at any time hinged on dialogue, but some of the dramatic scenes  pail when the dialogue lacks strength or finality. The lines  in this film sound more like chantings on to fill space than truly having meaning applicable to the movie.


To be succinct I believe that the first Scorpion King was better made. Although we get the action and the romance as well as  the suspense, there are some special effects and CGI that is lacking in quality. Especially when we come upon a creature that is half man half bore, ugh- it borders on b-movie effects of an era precluding are age of believable Transformer CGI.


But contradicting all of my aforementioned predilections, hay if your just out to see a action movie and don’t care about dialogue or special effects… go for it. 


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