Young car thief Kip Raines (Ribisi), the younger brother of retired master car thief Memphis Raines (Cage), finds his life hanging in the balance after he screws a car boost while on contract with ruthless car syndicate Raymond Calitri. In exchange for his younger brothers life, Memphis agrees to come out of retirement and finish his brothers contract with Calitri. With limited time to work, Memphis must get in touch with his old boosting crew and plot the impossible task of stealing 50 exotic cars overnight.

Seven years after his cult hit “Kalifornia (1993)”, director Dominic Sena bounced back to the scene in 2000 with this action film “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. The film is a remake of a classic 1970’s film title of the same name. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall, Giovanni Ribisi, and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

A very entertaining film. This is one of those “for the boys” films, that I can watch countless times and still be entertained every single time.

Nicolas Cage takes lead a Memphis Raines, and is one of several of the actors enjoyable action portrayals on screen.

The plot is very entertaining and smart. Never a second of boredom in this. The cars are exotic gorgeous and will easily give any car lover an “automotive boner”. American muscle, classy European models, Japanese sports, and the creme de la creme of automotive beauty are all here and are cleverly named after girls. The cars are such eye candy that we barely notice the beautiful Angelina Jolie in her sexy “tomboy” role. The boosting and joyride scenes are the highlight of this film. The film sported “Eleanor”, an iconic look for the Shelby Mustang GT500 that was specially made for the film. The GT500 chase sequence is memorable on its own and is one of the more entertaining chase scenes in film.

Joyriding in exotic fast cars, what else could you ask for? This film will always be fun and enjoyable. I’m thinking about finally downloading the original 1970’s release to see how it compares.