Red Eye


I will have to begin by saying that if your humor is as cynical as mine, you will find the film Red Eye a sort of deadpan comedy. This action thriller stars Rachel McAdams who you may have seen in the hilarious comedy Mean Girls, as well as Cillian Murphy from the film’s Batman the Beginning and The Girl with the Pearl Earrings.  Lisa Reisert is the manager of an exclusive hotel that is frequently visited by Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Charles Keefe (Jack Scalia).


Lisa has taken a brief sojourn from work to attend her grandmother’s funeral and in the airport meets a kind stranger named Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy). The two have a leisurely conversation in which Lisa remarks on Jack’s name resembling Jack the Ripper, and he jokingly says, “I killed my parents”, or is he joking… The two end up sitting next to each other were Jack reveals the truth of his niceties  – he needs Charles Keefe moved to a specific strategic room in the hotel she manages so that he can be assassinated. If she refuses her father is dead. The rest of the flight features cat and mouse attempts by Lisa to evade Jackson’s accostment. The pinnacle of the harassment comes to a head when Jackson stuns Lisa by knocking her head into the fold out table on the airplane seat. Previous to this final act of exasperation to keep Lisa in her seat, she had written a last plea for help in a book that she lent to a passenger on the plain. Jack finds out and is more attentive to his captive. Will Lisa defer and cave in to this assassin or will she prevail…. 


Take a look at this film for yourself, but beware of the humor that lurks on the celluloid. As it turns out the dangerous one of the struggling pair is Lisa, she proceeds to step up to the plate concealing a pen that she stabs Jackson in the neck with, which sends him wheezing to the bathroom. As he stumbles around in pursuit of the victim, or is he the victim. I actually started to feel sorry for him.

For the rest of the film he dawns a cashmere cardigan and talks like the godfather.  


Nonetheless in no way am I attempting to dash Cillian Murphy. In fact I really have a predilection for his acting in Batman, in which he plays the twisted Dr. Crane. He stands out in that movie just as much as the antagonist lead actor of that film Liam Neeson. As I said before watch this movie to add it to your mental repertoire of movies but don’t expect any shocks that surpass Cillian hiding behind a door. 


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