Twisted, dark and deep fried in murder, sex and a double dipping of depravity, Killer Joe tells the story of a red-neck trailer park son planning the murder of his universally hated mother by enlisting the help of crooked cop come hired killer Joe Copper, all to collect the life insurance money and pay off a drug debt. Starring as the titular hitman Killer Joe, this marks Matthew McConaughey’s second film currently in cinemas, but make no mistake this is a very different film to the stripper comedy Magic Mike. Directed by legendary Exorcist director William Friedkin and adapted from a Texas-set play by Tracy Letts this blackest of comedies and film noirs will definitely challenge and divide audiences, indeed my wife who had only the previous night seen McConaughey’s stripped down butt-cheeks has now seen him performing depraved acts with a KFC drum-stick which (and I can’t blame her) has made her seriously rethink certain opinions, three people I spoke to after the screening fared no better proving this is not a film for everyone, but I must admit I was quite impressed although I’m in no hurry to see it again. The cast is excellent, and expertly tell the twisted tale, making no heroes of a collection of trailer trash individuals who are ultimately all as bad and sick as each other. Destined to go down in cult infamy for its KFC drum-stick scene this is a very good but dark film that’s not for everyone – I bet my wife’s glad she’s a veggie!