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Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

TF 2 Movie Poster 

What You’re In For: The most CGI-packed action flick of 2009, guaranteed.

The Actors: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel and Hugo Weaving

The Director: Michael Bay

On An Added Note: Tighten up that little sewer of yours, you don’t want to miss a single moment of this 2 and a half hour movie!

Cranking Up The Rollercoaster From Start To End

If you thought that the first Transformers movie was the best product Michael Bay could ever offer the audiences, then think again. Personally, I can say, without a heartbeat that the sequel unequivocally makes the first one look tame. You get more action than any of Bay’s former work combined. Superb SFX,,brilliant editing and CGI masterpieces will grace your screen from start to finish. With all those, audiences would not feel shortchanged even with a little waning and sometimes subtly predictable plot.

 A Michael Bay Film No Less Offers All The Action But Minimal Content

One might ask why I have so greatly contradicted myself to have not given TF 2 full marks after singing such high praises about it previously. Sadly, as it will occur to any movie critic out there, it is always hard to please the audiences who have watched the movie and read reviews to see if what they thought jived and the potential audiences who read this review before they do watch the movie. It is a close call, I will add. TF 2 here may earn its keeps in the hearts of every fanboy out there as the CGI masterpiece of the year (or possibly century) but when you are a typical movie-goer going in for a nice weekend movie, you will learn that TF 2 is rightly meant to satisfy the eager fanboys per se, not you. Generally, viewers who have already watched the first movie would definitely check out the sypnosis of the movie itself before going in for the full ride. The sypnosis is simple, it encapsulates the entire gist of the movie. However, enter the movie, you will be surprised how the writers’ could turn that simple piece into something unnecessarily complex. Leading up to the climax of the film, audiences would begin to feel punished for their lack of comprehension of the film. It will definitely take a little while before the main point of the film sets back in your head.

In the dimension of the big screen, the CGI would certainly distract audiences from the main storyline and also partly since the sound effects are loud and more heart-thumping than the first one. Not a single scene is devoid of the commanding presence of either the Autobots or the Decepticons. Both these alien races are, what I should call, the parts holding up the movie. Without them, this movie would flop, even with Shia’s acting and Megan’s sexiness (or should we say,Foxiness?)

This movie does live up to its expectation as the epic battle any movie would ever have. The clash of titans and the fall of some (The Fallen in here has a few underlying meanings). The unexpected it seems exists here in more ways than I could count. It could be overly cliched kind of unexpected or simply ridiculous kind of unexpected. I would have thought that all those complexity in the story building up the climax would end in a big bang and leave the audiences wanting to know more, but ironically, none of that worked out. The ending was somewhat mediocre and poorly holding up on its own. In other possible references, the movie’s plot was half as bad as in Indie 4 (with some minor similarities in the movie itself).

Of Animated Alien Robots, Mental Problems And The Matrix Of Leadership

For those who haven’t already understood what the second show is all about, the title practically says it all. In fact, the title just sums up the whole movie, so why did the writers’ have to go and turn up the complexity a notch?

Basically, “Revenge of the Fallen” picks up from where the first movie left off, except, two years forward. The Autobots have already formed an alliance with the US Army and have helped tremendously in extinguishing any remaining Decepticons seeking refuge in other parts of the world. Newer characters are added in the form of colorful sports motorbikes, mini Chevrolets and an ice-cream truck(?) to assist the Autobot team lead by Optimus Prime. But things don’t seem to go right with the arrival of a new person-in-charge in the US military named Galloway. He insists he is the one giving the orders out now and plans to have the Autobots removed from planet Earth, citing this after the Autobots made some terrible damages during a recent operation in Shanghai. Galloway goes on to say that the Decepticons may be seeking the revenge of a fallen one after their last outing taking down Megatron. Optimus challenges that by posing a question ‘What if we leave and you’re wrong?’. Have the human race become entirely dependable on alien robots now?

Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) has settled back into life and is pursuing his higher education at Princeton. His mother is wailing her head off at the thought of her only son going off to college. His father is less than impressed with his wife. Perhaps, in this sequel, Sam’s mother (played by Julie White) may have stolen Shia’s thunder in providing the comic relief in the movie,aside from John Turtorro. From incessant wailing to weed-buying, she did crack the audience up. Aside from that,Sam, after some flirtatious coaxing gets back with Mikaela (Megan Fox) who is now working as a mechanic with her former convict father.

But then, things start to go insanely (literally) wrong when Sam touches a remnant of the cube which activates a series of unfortunate events that lie ahead of him. He becomes intermittently mental and goes into lapses of fits during class,not to the amusement of his Astronomy professor (an unrecognisable Rainn Wilson) and back at his dorm. At the same time, a sexy student (Isabel Lucas) befriends Sam and makes advances onto him. Unfortunately, something sinister is brewing with this new friendship besides possibly becoming fatal to his renewed relationship with Mikaela.

Trust me, after this, the story becomes more convoluted.

So, in the peak of all these, Sam finds himself fighting for his life and for the existence of humanity and towards the end, we then realize what all these were for.

Watch It Or Trash It?

“Revenge Of The Fallen” is touted to be the blockbuster of ’09 and if I’m not mistaken, it would be an utter waste if you did not happen to make this one of the must-watch movie on your list this year. This movie is one to come along in two years after its first debut and it’s continuation exceeds our expectations and fills our hopes of seeing more live gigantor robots duke it out on the big screen, this time with more oomph in the CGI factor. And for those watching it for the Fox factor, than you’re sure to get tons of male fantasies after this with all her provocative poses and in-your-face sexual scenes.

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