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Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009)

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The Brit Factor

A year before the movie was released, the movie was heavily critiqued by fans all over about how the movie wasn’t going to follow the book. Firstly, the movie was set in New York and not London and secondly, the actors were not British (only Hugh Dancy was). These were the few complains that shook message boards and forums by fans desperately trying to rescue their movie from apparently betraying the original storyline.

Though, with those protests prior to its release, the movie kept every detail intact and their actors were retained.

How the movie will succeed in its own terms now is left to the judgement of the fans and the fans have absolutely no praises from their delibiration

The Gist Of It (For Those Who Haven’t Read The Book)

“Confessions” began as a best-selling book chronicalling the memoirs of a shopaholic named Rebecca ‘Becky’ Bloomwood. Personally, the essence of a book is very well captured if the characters are still the same and the foundation of the story is maintained. So in the movie adaptation, we still have the same characters that readers have come to love. The perky red- head with an impulsive urge to buy (Isla Fisher), the charming magazine editor (Hugh Dancy), the ever ubiquitous credit card debt collector (Richard Stanton) and Alicia ‘Bitch’ Longlegs Billington (Leslie Bibb).

Mediocre Much?

The movie adaptation looks like they have actually tried too hard in making your typical romantic comedy. The laughs are mainly manipulated from the protagonist’s ignorance and sheer naivity and her never-ending slate of bad luck. The romance is rather unexciting and not as heart-felt as romance should feel like.

To Love Or Hate Becky Bloomwood

In this movie, we see Becky Bloomwood make very visceral decisions. A lot of them, which attributes for her never-ending misfortune. She stumbles into problems more times than she can get back on her feet.

The movie starts out by introducing the audiences into the world of Becky Bloomwood, filled with impulsive buys, a cluttered closet and a hanging reminder of credit card debt collector, Derek Smeath whose name sounds more ominous than the soundtrack to a horror movie. This is at least what Becky paints of him. She tries very hard to elude him by cooking up some very ghastly ordeals in order to bide time.Then she soon settles into a job at a finance magazine, a field we all know by now she is clearly incapable of. Here is where the romance between Becky and Luke unwittingly (and predictably) unfolds before us. But very soon and on cue, things begin to go badly once again. The presence of her rival, Alicia ‘Bitch’ Longlegs makes her believe that she is never going to get that job she is secretly trying to snag at a high-fashion and couture magazine ‘Adelle’. And then coupled with the fact that her rival may be dating her love interest.

This is starting to sound all too familiar. The story builds up to a point where our heroine becomes stacked against her odds and met with a terrible confrontation(s). In other words, this is the part where the heroine of every rom-com loses everything that they have and are either reduced to depression and deprivations of all sorts.

The Fans May Have Been Right

As the audience, we’re trying to love every fair bit of over-dramaticization coming from Isla Fisher’s portrayal of the badly self-disciplined character of  Becky Bloomwood. It may seem delightful for awhile but her constant zaniness keeps reminding us that we could be watching another ‘Enchanted’ (a movie that also features Fisher’s supposed doppelganger,Amy Adams) and it starts to irk us more than we should feel sympathetically toward her. Hugh Dancy may have been the only person to have maintained the British essence of the film but his portrayal of it was rather subtle apart from his accent though what are we to expect from an actor in a rom-com? Joan Cusack and John Goodman’s appearances as Becky’s parents have done nothing to compensate for missing laughs.

To Buy The DVD Or Not?

It is only good enough for a watch in the cinema the first time around. Fashionistas who intend to buy it as a fashion guide should not even consider because sometimes Becky’s fashion can become rather ridiculous than wearable. Unless that’s your cup of tea, purchase “The Devil Wears Prada Instead” for more practicality.

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