The Hangover

The Hangover is a comedy movie that walks the line as close as it can to being totally crazy. The film is built around a bachelor party that goes terribly wrong. Justin Bartha plays (Doug) the man of the hour that the Bachelor Party is being thrown for. The three friends that are throwing the Bachelor Party are (Phil) played by Bradley Cooper (Stu) played by Ed Helms and (Alan) played by Zach Galifianakis. Directed and Produced by Todd Phillips who has such films as (Old School, Starsky & Hutch and School for Scoundrels) under his belt. Most of the film takes place in Las Vegas were two nights before his wedding Doug and his friends roll into town for what they think is going to be a night they will never forget.

Four friends in Las Vegas for a Bachelor Party that they are sure they will never forget sounds perfectly normal.  All that changes when the next morning Phil, Stu and Alan wake up and don’t remember anything from the night before and they can’t find Doug. Not to mention that they all wake up on the floor instead of in a nice bed in their villa hotel room. The weirdness doesn’t stop there the room is totally trashed there is a chicken in the foyer and a something very unexpected in the bathroom. After relizing Doug is nowhere to be found they decide to look for his outside the villa suite only to get a suprise in the closet before they can leave the room. A search of the hotel and grounds soon reveal no Doug so to gather there thoughts they have breakfast. A few clues are revealed during breakfast and so they decide to follow them to find their missing friend. A cop car, wedding chapel, gunshots, busted windows, a naked man in a trunk, 80,000 dollars won at playing blackjack and a mattress on top of a statue is just part of the halarious fun that await the three unexpecting friends. Not to mention the wedding day, a stressed out bride and no groom so how does everything fit together guess you will have to just go see the movie and find out for yourself.

Ed Helms does a fine acting  job as (Stu) who goes through a period of self discovery all through the movie. To start out with he is a very timid guy that is totally submissive to his abusive girlfriend. Throughout the movie you see him imerge as someone with strong feelings most of them kind of dark and depressing. He is so afraid that Doug is in a ditch dead through half the movie. He is angry at Alan and blames him for everything one minute then hits him with the car door and worries that he has hurt him. A very lost and lonely character that finds friendship and love while looking for Doug in Las Vegas. He thought he was ready to move on with his girlfriend to the next level of their relationship but all that is changed by one dancer in Vegas. But has he grown enough to let the girlfriend of three years go and find real happiness with someone else.

The character of Alan is probably the one that will make you laugh the most and also wonder if people are actually that clueless. Alan is Doug’s future brother-in -law and he thinks Doug is the best thing since chocolate cake. It just happens that Doug is Alan’s first friend and even Alan family thinks he is different but I will let you make up your own mind on that subject. Alan’s time in Vegas is full of mistakes and making new friends. Even though everyone thinks he is a little slow Alan proves at the blackjack table that he is a force to be recond with.

I was quite stunned that within the first five minutes of the film the screen is full of a guy’s butt cheeks.  Not to mention halfway through a full frontly view of a Chinaman. It was a entertaining movie full of laughs and oh my moments but I would have no desire to see this movie ever again. This film is rated R for several very specific reasons diffenetly leave the kids home for this one. All in all if you want a funny movie that shows every part of a man’s visage from all angles this is the movie for you.  So good luck on choosing a movie and hope this review helped.

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