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Angels and Demons


May 22, 2009

In the movie, Angels and Demons, Tom Hanks plays the character, Professor Robert Langdon, a symbologist who wanted to obtain facts about the Illuminati for his latest book.  Professor Langdon’s character was previously spotlighted in the mysterious story of the DaVinci Code.  In Angels and Demons, Langdon discovers more than secrets codes hidden in pieces of art, instead he finds clues to a mystery which could mean the difference between life and death.
The story centers around the war between New Age scientists (The Illuminati or the “Enlightened Ones”) and religious priests, (The Vatican Church).  A war of philosophies, which began during the time of Galileo and Shakespeare, (1600’s – 1700’s), still exists today.
The opening scene begins with Roman scientists testing a creation called Antimatter, an experiment which could prove deadly if it landed in the wrong hands.  The antimatter had enough potency to destroy an entire city and possibly neighboring cities, and it did in fact end up in the wrong hands.  Like the sand running out of an hour glass, the Antimatter tube was running out of energy.  It would soon explode without the necessary battery power, killing anyone or anything nearby.
At this same period of time, the Pope died mysteriously and was to be replaced by one of four successors, the Preferiti, (the favorites of the Pope.)  Also, mysterious was the sudden disappearance of the four successors, coincidently gone without a trace before the new Pope could be elected.
Many feared the Illuminati had struck again after dwelling in a secret society for hundreds of years.  With such a threat in progression, the Vatican Church called upon symbologist, Robert Langdon for assistance.  His duty would be to read ancient scribes developed during the time the Illuminati first existed, and to find clues to where the successors may be located.  To his surprise, Landgon was lead on a fast- paced, deadly adventure requiring him to find the Preferiti and the Antimatter before it was too late.



Star Rating
1-5 Stars

Clarity- Score: 3 1/2 Stars
With several Italian subtitles it may be difficult for American viewers to comprehend unless they are watching and reading carefully.

Purpose- Score: 5 Stars
I believe there were several different aims of the movie: 1) to educate people of the history connected to the Illuminati, 2) to mystify the audience with high action and suspense,  3)  to possibly to build a bridge between science  and religious philosophies.   However, I believe the main purpose of the film was to entertain the viewer and that it did!

Intrigue/Excitement- Score: 5 Stars
Almost from the very beginning of the film, I was taken away on a wild adventure feeling as if I were one of the detectives, police, and scientists piecing together an complex, intricate puzzle.  Gasping at every scene, I often found myself thrown off the tracks with every twist and turn of the mystery.  The story was very thought-provoking and intriguing, requiring the viewer to stay focused on every little detail in order to follow the storyline.

Entertainment/Humor- Score: 3 Stars
Though the film was not designed to be comical, there were isolated parts of the movie that made me and others in the audience chuckle.

Realism- Score: 3 Stars
Overall, the film was very realistic and believable, although there was a scene in the end I found to be quite unrealistic.

Impression- Score: 5 Stars
Angels and Demons left an impression on me I won’t soon forget.  It sparked a fire of those seeking more information about the Illuminati.

Overall Star Rating Score:
4.0 Stars!


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