Seven Pounds

  Will Smith has a unusual history in what movies he likes to star in. Will has had many stints when he has made some dreadful decisions, Hitch, Men in Black & Wild wild west are just some of those. Will has made a move up in my mind with this truly beautiful movie.

In the movie Will Smiths character Ben is living with a large amount of guilt about something that happened in the past which you find out throughout the film, Ben roams the city to find seven people less fortunate that himself to help and give then something back. In his journey he falls in love with a beautiful women with a heart problem, Emily (Rosario Dawson) & Ben spend more & more time together and slowly become soul mates, When Ben realizes his love for Emily may destroy his plans he quickly puts his plans into action. As the end of the movie draws closer you are on the edge of your seat to see what is actually going to happen & it doesn’t disappoint. In the final moments of the movie you see the biggest sacrifice of the whole movie with the most emotional twist  to end it. The film is one of Will’s best with a shadow of a doubt, Beautiful story, great acting and Will’s performance as a whole was truly breath taking. If you love films with a fantastic story behind it then I would highly recommend this Will Smith movie.  

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