Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is an expert Paleontologist who digs and examines frozen creatures. Dr. Sander Halvorson (Ulrich Thomsen) comes to her with an once-in-a-lifetime offer to help him uncover a very unique creature buried in ice. She agrees and a team travel thousands of miles around Antarctica only to find a space ship hidden under mounds of ice. Some feet away, is the pilot; a large alien-like creature with a lot of tentacles and dead as a cockroach. They take the creature back to shelter, expecting to take it out of the frozen ice cube and began analyzing it and making history as discovering an actual alien specimen. A night of celebration takes them off their guard and the creature-which they thought was dead-springs free and escapes. After a few unfortunate deadly incidents and careful observations of the alien’s behavior, Kate realizes that the creature can mimic humans and turn into them. The only way to stop the creature from venturing out to the world is to contain it and everyone. Panic arises as trust is forgotten and it is every man or woman for themselves. Who is the alien? Will it escape? Will they be able to tell the difference between who is alien and who is human? 


            This film turned out way better than I thought it would. I really enjoyed viewing it. For one, the makeup or cg or whatever they used to make up the creature was magnificent. Everything about it looked so real and amazing from the transformations to the human to the whipping of the tentacles. It was like I was discovering the alien too. The dialogue was superb; I bought everything each character said through their intelligence, fear, and compromising. The best thing I love about this film is that for once, since I can remember, I didn’t know where the film was going (very unpredictable). I was even playing the guessing game as to who the alien was and how the end would turn out but failed every time, great job to the director. All in all, great job and I will buy this film on DVD or Blu Ray.