Three friends Nick (Bateman), Dale (Day), and Kurt (Studeikis), make plans to put an end to the abuse brought about by their awful bosses at their respective places of work. They hire a self-confessed hitman to kill their bosses, but an odd series of events has them having to do the dirty work themselves.

A 2011 comedy directed by Seth Gordon, and starring a comedy trio in Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Studeikis as abused employees and friends, who plot the killing of their so called ‘Horrible Bosses’ played by Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, and Jennifer Aniston. They consult the help of a shady hitman who is played by actor/musician Jamie Foxx.

A pretty good cast, and a pretty good comedy. Not the best, but definitely one of the better comedies to come out in 2011. Lots of funny sequences here. The humor is great, and the punchlines fly left and right. “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” actor Charlie Day is hilarious. The TV comedian brings a lot of laughs to his character. Jennifer Aniston plays a role that’s a little more daring and hot. The actress showing some skin and is seductive hot in a very comedic manner.

With such a good cast on board, this film is not short of laughs and crazy fun.