Dr. Vasi (Rajnikanth) has created his greatest invention, ‘Chitti’, an advanced humanoid android with the skill and intelligence equivalent to that of 100 human beings combined. His plans to approve Chiiti and endorse it to the Indian Army are put on hold after the Chitti fails to recognize human emotion and morality. The doctor reprograms his creation and fills in its lack of human recognition. The robots new found recognition is further questioned after Chitti finds itself falling in love with the doctors beautiful girlfriend, Sana (Aishwarya Rai).

The title “Endhiran” translates to “Robot”. It is a Bollywood science fiction film directed by Indian director S. Shankar. The film stars superstar actor Rajinikanth in dual roles, as both Dr. Vasi and humanoid android Chitti. Starring alongside Rajini in this film, is another Bollywood sensation and the former Miss World winner in 1994, Aiswarya Rai.

Okay, this was probably my first so called “Bollywood” film experience, and i must say, this was entertaining. Definitely a big budget production  with some of India’s top actors on board, including the very beautiful Aishwarya Rai. The animation and effects was not up to par with what Hollywood special effects have to offer, yet this was quite original and convincing on its own.

This was a really long movie, and ran just an few minutes shy of the three-hour mark. I’m not a fan of the whole singing and dancing portions within the film, which probably took a good 30-45 minutes of run time combined. I actually found myself taking breaks when the characters suddenly broke out into several long and corny, MTV style song and dance numbers, which in my view had nothing to do with the film.

As corny as this film may look to be, it actually has a good, yet cliche sci-fi plot going for it. Its your typical human vs machine, machine longing to be human, machine falling for human, human supremacy, machine supremacy, or whatever man and machine themed plot you can think off, its all here, comedy, action, and romance in one entertaining package. The build up in story is great, and it has a nice shift from a lighthearted to dark feel.

Minus the song and dance numbers, i hardly found myself bored with this one.