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X-Men Origins : Wolverine

As you all know Wolverine officially kicked off the summer movie season this weekend with a pretty good bank roll of 87 Million here in the United States and 73 million in other markets making it a whopping 160 million dollar opening, not bad for a guy with razor sharp claws. Not to mention that it beat out the opening of the original X-men as well as its beloved sequel X2.

This movie sets up the story of the title character Wolverine as we all know from previous X-men movies. This is the prequel to that trilogy which I hope will push out at least 1 more sequel. The story of Wolverine this time around is his origin, how he and Victor Creed (Sabertooth) are related and there complex story. How the program Weapon X fits into wolverines timeline as well as seeing some new and familiar faces in the X-men universe. The movie begins by showing us Wolverine as a kid with his brother Victor and how they pretty much have spent the past 100 years together fighting in the 4 wars we know about. With out revealing too many plot details or spoilers the movie finds its self in the Weapon X program, a new batch of mutants with interesting powers, deception across both sides as well as some interesting plot details, future characters from the X-men movies as well as cliff hangers to potential sequels and spin offs. 

Now comes the review. Personally I thought the movie was good, I am no fan boy of comics so I know all those who are were disappointed but here’s why. Fox still has rights to some marvels characters, one being X-men. Since this partnership is still involved the creative part of the movie gets overlooked by the execs at Fox. This gives them the final say of the films edit so hopefully we will get the “directors cut” when its released on blu ray and dvd sometime in the fall. While watching the movie i was examining everything that I know. I am a little disappointed that the film falls under 2 hours. In this type of story telling with the amount of characters place the movie should have been at least another 20 mins but the film runs fast at 107.  The story does feel a bit rushed to get in a lot but at least it doesnt show any dead parts where you are waiting for something to happen. The story of wolverine and his introduction to the weapon x program, mutants and William Stryker were presented in a half/half formula. What I mean by half/half is that the mutants they introduced were nice to see but weren’t really used to a caliber. It feels like a bit of X-men 3. The rule is that if you plan to introduce several mutants into a story make sure you do it right and do it justice. The new mutants in the movie are Silver Fox, Gambit, John Wraith, Blob, Bolt, Emma Frost and weapon XI aka Deadpool( you will know why he gets the name in the movie). I know your saying,” where’s Agent Zero and Wade Wilson”. These two characters don’t exactly have mutant powers but excellent in the field of what they were drafted for. I did like the fact they finally brought in Gambit, as we all know Gambit is a fan favorite and has not yet been in a X-men movie until now. His time on screen isn’t really notice until the end of the film but they did do him right except for one part, his accent.  Gambit is from New Orleans but did not appear to have a accent which turned me off but I still loved his presence in the film and hope to see him pop up again.  The presence of the other mutants attached to the story made it more of the X-men universe which was good but the useless of some of them could have been expanded or dropped.

The films photography was pretty decent, some nice aerial shots of the Canadian Rockies as well as the tone of the film. The visual effects were good but not great, some shots could have been touched a little better. The close up of wolverines claws must have been a tough to get right effect-wise. They seemed a little too fake but you get what you get.  I still believe this movie wasn’t supposed to be effects driven but more storyline so when they did decide to add an effect it doesn’t get the full 100% treatment.

 Overall the movie was good and subtle to the fan base that has been closely waiting for a prequel. If your a fan of the character and of X-men def good to go check out. Depending on the word of mouth in the coming weeks the movie will end up most likely in the 250 range if it can stretch its legs passed all the other upcoming editions….cough Star Trek reboot and Terminator in the coming weeks.  Aside from the short run time, the mis use of a few fan favorite characters, and some minor special effects glitches this film was a O.K. start to the summer movie season. It will not break box office records but will offer something for the interested party. I give it 7.5 out of 10.

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