This is one of the best stories that deals with themes of redemption and humanity. With 1991’s “The Fisher King” directed by Terry Gilliam, we get an absolutely fantastic cast from Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, as well as exploring and visiting some very adult themes. The movie is perfect in every way; almost everything works here. “The Fisher King” is an extraordinary film that needs to be seen and observed on how faith can come from the most unlikeliest of places.

 The story has a man named Jack Lucas (Bridges) who is a radio DJ, when all of a sudden his life goes to hell when one of his frequent callers commits murder at a local restaurant. Jack sinks into a depression lasting him three years of torture. One night, Jack gets drunk and is almost beaten to death by thugs when he is saved by a bum named Parry (Williams). Soon, the two men become close friends, despite Parry being psychotic, and Jack later learns that it was Parry’s wife who got murdered from his caller, but together, Jack learns that a helping hand goes a long way.

 “The Fisher King” is an absolute masterpiece that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s story is great by providing a modernized tale of redemption and hope, with a little bit of fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. The acting is remarkable; both Bridges and Williams deliver outstanding performances, and the relationship between Jack and Parry works perfectly. The rest of the cast does a good job as well, and even though the parts are small, they still leave an impact. Terry Gilliam, who had just come off the disastrous flop of “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, sort of redeemed himself with this hit, and it truly shines as one of the director’s greatest films of all time. The production design is great and everything looks and sounds like a modern day fantasy. But again, the main focus is on the characters and the story.

 If there are any complaints, then they are minor. For instance, there are some plot holes that don’t make sense. Like how come Parry never recognized Jack as he was the one who put Parry into his current condition? Also, the pacing can drag a bit.

 In conclusion, “The Fisher King” is an absolute must-see for anyone looking for a good story and a simple message.