Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Bedtime Stories (2008)

Bedtime Stories (2008)

Adam Shankman directs Adam Sandler in this family comedy about a hotel handyman who tells his niece and nephew bedtime stories and they magically come true.

Skeeter is a hotel handyman who is recruited by his sister (Courteney Cox Arquette) to watch after her two children with the help of her colleague (Keri Russell).  Skeeter has the night shift with the kids and he tells them bedtime stories.  Disappointed by the stories, the children join in and help Skeeter tell the stories.  Their imagination with the story-telling starts the growth of their relationship with Uncle Skeeter.  But, the bedtime stories start to come true and affects Skeeter’s life.  Realizing what is happening, Skeeter tries to tell the bedtime stories in a way where his dream of becoming a hotel manager comes true.

Where to begin?  The writing is genius.  Throughout the entire movie, I was wondering how the bedtime stories were going to come true.  I was pleasantly surprised when the crazy stories came true in a realistic way.  Each story became more and more unrealistic and made me wonder when something unrealistic like the story was going to “come true” for Skeeter.   I still cannot get over how imaginative, creative, and brilliant the script of this movie is. 

Adam Sandler is as funny as ever.  This will not become a “classic Adam Sandler movie”, but it’s a good one.  He keeps the sarcasm flowing in this family film.  If you like Adam Sandler as an actor, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, I thought this movie was BRILLIANT!!   The crazy things that you think are going to happen, do happen… but they happen in a very realistic way.  I saw this movie three times and every time, I just kept thinking how awesome the writing was!!  Loved it!!  This is one I highly recommend… after all, you can almost NEVER go wrong with Adam Sandler!!

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