Changeling (2008)

Angelina Jolie stars in this Clint Eastwood film inspired by actual events that occurred in the late 1920s in Los Angeles, California. 

“To find her son, she did what no one else dared.”  Christine Collins is a single mother raising her 9-year old son, Walter, in the late 1920s.  She returns from work one night to find her son has gone missing.  With the help of the LAPD, a search for Walter is initiated.  Five months later, a boy matching Walter’s description is found in
Illinois.  When mother and son are reunited, Christine insists that the boy is not Walter; however, the boy says he is Walter.  Taking the boy’s word, the LAPD dismiss Christine’s claim in order to protect their public reputation.  Christine does everything she can to get justice and to have the search for Walter continued.  Causing trouble for the LAPD, she gets arrested and contained in a mental institution, but that doesn’t stop her from going after her son and bringing down the LAPD.

Angelina Jolie had an outstanding performance in this film.  I think she portrayed the emotional struggles, the strength and the determination of Christine Collins perfectly.  The many nominations for Angelina Jolie for “Best Actress in a Leading Role” say it all.  This was definitely one of her best performances to date.

The overall design of the film was superb.  The costumes, props, sets, and hair and makeup seemed very realistic for the time period.  Everything felt true to its time and really draws in the viewer.  It is interesting to see the old
Los Angeles and compare it to how it is today.  This film was put together beautifully.

This movie really opened my eyes to how different things were in the late 1920’s.  It was a great story and really captured my heart.  This film was very touching and heart felt, but not a tearjerker.  It was a great way to tell the story of Christine Collins and the strength and courage it took to fight for her son.  A mother really will do anything for her child.  A standing ovation for this movie comes naturally!

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