17 Again

If you are allergic to laughter, romance, and even a little bit of action, then “17 Again” is not the movie for you! However, if you want to be entertained and leave the theatre with a smile on your face, then this IS the movie for you! Written by Jason Filardi, writer of film  “Bringing down the house,” “17 again” keeps you laughing nonstop. Zac Efron and Thomas Lennon are a riot and Zac and Leslie Mann’s on-screen chemistry will captivate you until the very end of this modern day film. “17 Again” ranked number 1 in the box office, during its premiere weekend; a rank well deserved.

 The film tells the story of a father, Mike O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) who has lost his way. His kids want nothing to do with him and his wife is filing for a divorce because he just can’t seem to move on from the past. Living in a sea of regret, Mike gets the chance of a lifetime when a mysterious event causes him to turn into his 17 year old self. Mike realizes how “out of the loop” he is with his family. His son is getting bullied at school and is a “loser.” His daughter is dating the guy who bullies his son, and the list goes on and on. Mike realizes that he is in fact still very much in love with his wife (Mann) but finds it somewhat difficult to rekindle their relationship while in his 17 year old body. He gets help along the way from his best friend, Ned Gold, (Lennon) who seems to live in an entirely different world of movies, books, and comics. The film is a comedy with a captivating storyline that will keep you in watching closely until the very end.

The movie sets for this movie are incredible. Ned Gold’s house is amazing and keeps you looking to see what else is inside of it. From light sabers, to lifesize models of Darth Vader, mummys, and Medieval warriors, it is outrageous in the most wonderful way. Ned even sleeps in a starship bed. The O’Donnel household was nice and homely and really believable as a family house. The High School was vast and nice, especially the gym. I found that the backyard was slightly cluttered after it’s remodeling in the movie, but other than that, every location was perfect and Ned’s house really did place the set at a spectacular rank. Bravo!

“17 Again” indeed has an all-star cast. Zac Efron really proves himself in this one. It is the first time Efron has done a movie without singing in a while and he is definitely going to continue to go to incredible places with his career. Zac is going very far! His acting is very believable in the film. It wasn’t hard to picture him as Mike O’Donnell at all. He was very comedic and had me laughing the entire time. Efron may have in fact outshined Perry in this one. I found myself wishing for more screen time with him as Mike instead of Perry. Zac Efron really outdid himself with this one. Sterling Knight is as great as ever. After seeing this actor on Disney’s “Sonny with a chance” as suave and cocky Chad Dylan Cooper, it was certainly different to see him play a “nerd,” but Knight is certainly proving to be quite the actor.  Leslie Mann was simply incredible. Her chemistry with Efron was indescribable and their relationship was very believable. Mann also was very believable as a mother of teens and played her part to the utmost perfection. Thomas Lennon was as funny as ever, emitting laughter with every word he spoke! Trachtenburg was a delight as always. Melora Hardin, who played Principle Masterson was also great. Hunter Parrish who plays Stan is a joy to watch and very believable as a bully. This is truly an all-star cast.

“17 Again” is definitely a film for the family or maybe that special someone in your life. It teaches you to not take forgranted the people in your life. It also teaches you not to regret your decisions. Every thing happens for a reason so there is no use looking back and wondering what could’ve, would’ve, and should’ve been. This film left me with a good feeling inside. I do feel that the story was unresolved. Some might wish it to continue on with previews of how life with the O’Donnells has changed. But, aside with this minor issue, “17 again” kept me laughing the entire time. I loved the romantic tidbits and also the family moments.  The plot was well written. It is definitly a movie that one can watch many times and still laugh as if it’s the first time they’re seeing it. “17 Again” is a must see movie that I recommend EVERY ONE sees. Don’t take the decisions you’ve made forgranted because you never know where you would be if they hadn’t been made.

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