Knowing, a movie about future telling, global warming, hellish ending, alien/angels kidnapping, and just plain weird happenins. Starring Nicholas Cage and some other people, lol. I believe it takes place in the present.  

Ok this movie was a small let down for me. I wasn’t expecting much, but dang it was even worse than I though. I went to see this movie at the drive in close to my house with a couple of my friends. To tell you the truth, I ended up talking most of the movie.

 Anyway, the start of the movie was pretty good. It was quite interesting actually, I think this movie would have been good if not for the ending (which I will get to later). I don’t remember the exact part where I decided to talk to my friends instead of pay attention, lol, but it was sometime after the kid gets the paper that predicts the future. It was just kind of stupid. This part of the story was lacking a lot. So a girl long ago got this info about gps coordinates? That is just stupid. I must admit that its a new idea, and maybe thats why I don’t like it. But still, my first impression, and my only impression, is that it’s stupid.

 By this time I started talking to my friends while I watched the movie. But I got enough info to tell that it wasn’t going good still, so I will talk about the ending now. Well what can I say about the ending, it sucked; simple as that. To this day, I am not sure if those were aliens, or angels (although some can argue that angels are aliens, but aliens are not angels…). I am also not sure if those two kids had to start a new world, if that was heaven, if that was the tree of life…too many unanswered questions. Sometimes that is a good thing, but not in this case. And now for the worst part. The whole world goes to hell. I knew that this would somehow be another movie that promotes the idea that we are killing the earth. The sun light comes in through some holes in the ozone, and burns the WHOLE world. It wasn’t slow with one litle oppening in the ozone, it was the whole dang earth. I don’t care how many people take a huge dump/fart/drive and all the volcano’s explode at the same time, it would still be slower than in the movie (the world burned for no apperent reason, but because it was foretold…)

I give this movie a 2/5, close to a 3, if it wasnt for the ending.

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