Stand and deliver might stand out among a lot of movies but it didn’t deliver much. I thought the movie was boring aand didn’t keep my attention. This movie takes place in the 198o’s in a town in California. This movie is considered a drama.

    This movie is about a group of kids who need to take a test. Their smart, but don’t show until the teacher shows up. He teaches them calculas while everyone doubts him. He goes through bad students, fights, a heart attack, long days, and his class taking the ap exam, all this in less then a year, it may sound exciting but really it’s not.

      The site design was good though i must say because they were in an actual school. I liked the fact that they went to different locations. It all fit into the movie well. That was one thing that caught my eye.

      The acting was a different story. It wasn’t as good as the scenes. Some acting was better then others but none of it was worth talking about. The teacher was probably one of the better actors.

       Overall this movie wasn’t so bad, but it definately wasn’t one of the greatest. Since it’s like an older movie I don’t like it as much as I would if it would of taken place today. If you like movies that take place in school, have a little drama, and different types of people then your in for a treat.