Friday The 13th Horror remakes have become very popular in recent years with studios and audiences: They are relatively cheap to produce, and most make a sizeable profit with their theatrical runs and eventual arrivals on DVD. 

 “Friday The 13th” continues this trend, appropriately opening on Friday, the 13th

 Horror film enthusiasts will see many of the staples of the genre in this film” Lots of blood, boobs and teens making really bad decisions as to what to do when a psychotic in a goalie mask is chasing you through the woods with a machete. 

This film sees more of a “Re-imagining” of Sean S.Cunningham’s (who serves as a Executive producer of this film) 1980 slasher classic, as the plot has been modified-especially concerning Jason Voorhees’ mother, who has a much less significant part this time around. 

Director Marcus Nispel and producer

Bay (yes, that Michael Bay-director of such films as Armageddon and
Pearl Harbor)) teamed-up for another remake of a horror classic-2003’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. That film had a strong, foreboding atmosphere going for it with a couple of genuinely scary scenes.  

 Those are elements “Friday The 13th” completely lacks. It’s riddled with clichés and doesn’t provide any scenes where you’ll feel any tension. Instead, you’ll find yourself looking at your watch rather than jumping out of your seat. 

The young, mostly unknown cast (save for Jared Padalecki-star of tv’s “Supernatural” and no stranger to horror remakes himself as he had a supporting turn in 2005’s “House of Wax”) does an adequate enough job with the material provided. 

 Padalecki plays Clay Miller, who’s searching for his sister Whitney, whom disappeared along with her friends as they camped near the infamous

Crystal Lake. (I think at this point you can guess why they disappeared suddenly in the middle of the night)Our hero meets up with the typical group of horny teens looking to get high and laid as they spend their weekend at arrogant Trent’s( a well-cast Travis Van Winkle-who has that smug look that makes you want to slap him) fathers’ cabin, conveniently located close to the condemned

Crystal Lake. 

Do you think Jason Voorhees is nearby, and mayhem will soon ensue with this group? I think you know the answer to that. 

And that’s the problem with this film: give us a surprise in the plot, a scene that makes a jump, something…anything.  

Unfortunately, this film falls in line with the vast majority of remakes of horror films. It’s much more “When A stranger Calls” than “Invasion of the Body snatchers”. 

 Save yourself some money and rent Cunningham’s superior original. 

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